Rey Mysterio Wants To Follow Jericho & Wrestle In The Tokyo Dome

Despite his long and decorated career, Rey Mysterio still has one thing on his wrestling bucket list—competing at the Tokyo Dome.

Rey Mysterio is possibly one of the most undervalued and underrated wrestlers currently still performing around the world. Many fans forget how long the luchador has been around as his mask does a pretty good job of hiding his age. Plus, Mysterio isn't actually that old either. He is currently only 43 years of age, yet has had an almost 30-year career after making his debut at the age of just 14.

During those near 30 years, Mysterio has just about done it all. He began his career in his native of Mexico, of course, but really began to make a name for himself in the mainstream when he wrestled as a part of WCW's cruiserweight division. Then he would move on to WWE and truly prove that size means very little in comparison to previous eras, inspiring a new generation of performers with smaller statures in the process.


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Despite everything, Mysterio has achieved there is still one thing on the surefire Hall of Famer's list that he is yet to do, wrestle at the Tokyo Dome. Prior to Chris Jericho and Kenny Omega's match, ESPN spoke with a number of wrestlers about the match as well as a few other things and Mysterio was one of them. He told the site that competing at the Tokyo Dome is one of the last things left on his bucket list.

"That’s one place that I haven’t stepped foot into yet and I’m hoping that one day that’ll happen," Mysterio revealed. It's hardly an unattainable goal either. Jericho co-headlined the Tokyo Dome on Thursday and he is four years older than the former Cruiserweight Champion. Plus, there are a number of stars currently competing in New Japan that would likely jump at the chance to step inside the ring with Mysterio.


The Alpha versus Omega match that took place this week seems to have attracted more eyes to New Japan's product from outside their normal demographic than ever before. With that in mind, the powers that be at the promotion would be foolish not to try and bring in more stars for big events that have name recognition outside of Japan. Mysterio is certainly one of those and one that is seemingly very eager to compete for the promotion.

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