Backstage Update On Rey Mysterio's Royal Rumble Appearance

Former WWE superstar Rey Mysterio returned at the Royal Rumble on Sunday, but his appearance is reportedly just a one-off.

Fans at the Well Fargo Center in Philadelphia were treated to a shocking and epic return of Rey Mysterio - who was the 27th entry of the Royal Rumble. The Master of the 619 lasted 9:24, before being eliminated by Finn Balor.

But fans of Mysterio will be disappointed to learn that his appearance on Sunday was a one-off, according to Mike Johnson of Though Mysterio and the WWE reportedly have been in talks over a new contract, he only wants to appear part-time. Per Johnson, WWE would rather have him compete on a full-time basis.

Multiple reports have suggested that Mysterio is still in talks with Impact Wrestling, and is expected to join them in the nearby future. It remains to be seen when a deal is finalized, however.


Now 43 years of age and looking to spend more time with his family, it's easy to understand why the former WWE and World Heavyweight Champion wants to compete on a part-time schedule. Mysterio recently did an interview with ESPN and said one of his main priorities was working a schedule that he wanted. Of course, that just isn't the case with the WWE.

Mysterio left the WWE in 2015 after his contract ran out. He then went to work for multiple promotions, including AAA and Lucha Underground. Mysterio has also done a handful of shows for the independent circuit.

Via The Inquisitr

Given the relevancy of the Cruiserweight Division - thanks to talents like Kalisto, Cedric Alexander and others - it would have been a great time for the WWE to bring back Mysterio and have him put younger talents over. But you have to respect the man for wanting to do what's best for him and his family.

Rey Mysterio's return at the Royal Rumble was one of the most memorable parts of Sunday night, even if the appearance was a one-time thing.


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Backstage Update On Rey Mysterio's Royal Rumble Appearance