Meltzer Says No Truth to Rey Mysterio WWE Rumors

Recently, award winning sports journalist Dave Meltzer was a guest on Jim Ross' The Ross Report Podcast and he touched on a number of topics. Starting first with the Mae Young Classic and the opportunity the tournament presents for women's wrestling, J.R. and Meltzer moved on to discuss what Ronda Rousey and the four-Horsewomen of the UFC spatting with WWE's four-Horsewomen means for future WWE angles.

The two also chatted about Jason Jordan, Global Force Wrestling (GFW), Paige and Del Rio and perhaps most interestingly, the rumors that the WWE and Rey Mysterio are in talks to bring the former Heavyweight Champion back to the company.

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There have been a number of recent rumors that Mysterio is chatting with GFW or the WWE, and that the WWE might be a nice fit. Meltzer agrees, but says after he reached out to his sources all of them told Melzer that there is no truth to the rumors that Mysterio's return is imminent.

This doesn't mean that Rey Mysterio, a two-time world champion and one of the dominant forces in WWE during the 2000s, isn't actually returning. It simply means there's no deal in place yet. Speculation is Mysterio is currently talking Vince McMahon and company but among his concerns are the full-time schedule he'd be asked to work.


If the WWE does bring in Mysterio, likely with the intention of finding a new Latino star, they'll have to pay handsomely. Mysterio is also highly sought after by Jeff Jarrett and GFW, especially after Alberto Del Rio/Alberto El Patron was suspended amidst rumors of battery with on-again, off-again girlfriend/fiancée Paige.

Being wrestling's hottest free agent is quite the turn of events for Mysterio. When he was last a part of the WWE, his exit was a bit tumultuous, and it didn't seem apparent the WWE would ever welcome him back.

Many fans are hoping Meltzer's insider sources are wrong and that Mysterio is on his way back to the WWE. He would be a major acquisition and immediately pushed into the main event scene.

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