Ric Flair's Schedule In 1983 Is Absolutely Insane [Photo]

If you think the schedule of current pro wrestlers is tough, then just take a look at Ric Flair's calendar from early 1983.

While 2017 was a terrific year in professional wrestling, for the most part, there was a period where we almost lost arguably the greatest in ring performer of all time. Ric Flair was rushed to the hospital during the summer and the outlook did not look good. Apparently, The Nature Boy was told at one point that his chances of survival were around just 20 percent.


As always though, Naitch defied the odds, kicked out, and has lived to fight and strut another day. Even though that health scare happened just a few months ago, Flair has since released his book, a joint venture with his daughter Charlotte, plus we have seen him on WWE television. In fact, Flair will be making an appearance on Raw's 25th-anniversary show this coming Monday.

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Flair's health scare was a direct cause of the life the 16 time World Champion has lived for the majority of his career. If you know anything about The Nature Boy's schedule when he was at the height of his fame you'd understand why he felt the need to run so hard. Stand up comedian and former wrestler Danny Garnell recently posted a photo of Flair's wrestling schedule for the first few months of 1983 and it is staggering.

Flair was the NWA World Heavyweight Champion at the time, and judging by his schedule that meant he never stopped. The champ would stay in each town for a week at a time, for the most part, and wrestle every single night before traveling to the next city. There is even a trip to New Zealand and South East Asia thrown in there for good measure. Basically, if the schedule is anything to go by, Flair effectively didn't have a day off for three months.


Next time a pro wrestler, or in actual fact, pretty much anyone from any profession, complains about how much they have to work just send them a screenshot of the schedule above. The Raw Superstars may have had to work Christmas and New Year's Day in 2017, but even WWE wouldn't make them work for three straight months without a day off.

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