How Ric Flair Convinced Kurt Angle To Join WWE

Everyone knows that Ric Flair is one of the all-time greats when it comes to pro wrestling. Not only was Flair great inside and outside of the ring, but he had a huge impact when he was off camera as well. So much so, in fact, Flair is the reason that Kurt Angle ended up leaving the WCW for WWE

"Ric was the guy that I got advice from before I started in the business," Angle said, according to Wrestling Inc. "He's the one that redirected me from [World Championship Wrestling] to WWE, told me Vince McMahon would know what to do with me, and said not to go to WCW."

McMahon certainly knew what to do with Angle, that's for sure. We all know what happened once Angle came on board at the WWE.  He went straight to the top and had one of the best careers any wrestler could dream of. And now we know he has Flair to thank.

Angle admits he learned a lot from Flair when it comes to wrestling. He says he learned how to be unselfish in the ring.


"But what I learned from Ric was how to give to the business and not take. He always made sure his opponent looked better than he did," Angle explained. "What was important to him was the match, not himself, and I took that advice and made sure when I performed in the ring I made my opponent looked better than me, and I made sure it was the best match I could possibly make it. He was a very giving wrestler, and I did the same because of Ric Flair."

Pro wrestling is the kind of sport that everyone must work together even though they're all trying to be the best wrestler in the world because it is fictional and staged. The better they make it look, the more money the WWE, as well as the wrestlers themselves, will make.

Unfortunately, the 68-year-old Flair is recovering in the hospital from an emergency medical situation that ended up causing organ damage. His kidneys had failed him and he sustained an infection. Flair also had to undergo another surgery in order to insert a pacemaker for his heart.

The good news is that on Friday WWE great and friend of Flair's, Hulk Hogan, posted a very positive health update when it comes to Flair's condition.

At one point, it sounded as if things were bleak for Flair and he may not make it. But I'm sure he has the best doctors taking care of him and making sure he gets back on his feet. We're  sure once Flair is healthy enough to travel that Vince McMahon and the WWE will bring in on a show in order to celebrate his recovery as long as things continue to improve going forward.

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