Ric Flair Fires His Agent After Recovering From Health Scare

When Ric Flair was hospitalized a few weeks ago, many wrestling fans feared the worst, as they got regular updates from his agent, through a company called Legacy Talent Entertainment. But now that the Nature Boy is getting better, he sent a message thanking his fans for their support and cut a few promos confirming his recovery, he’s also had some important business to take care of in recent days. As it turns out, he’s also parted ways with the same company that had kept fans updated on his medical condition, while also announcing new representation earlier today.

According to a report from Wrestling News, Flair took to social media on Thursday to announce that as of Wednesday, Sept. 6, 2017,  he had parted ways with his agent, Melinda Morris Zanoni, and her company, Legacy Talent Entertainment LLC. There was no mention of why he and Legacy are no longer working together, but he promised to announce his new representation today.


As confirmed by Flair on his official Twitter account earlier this morning, the 16-time world champion will now be represented by Get Engaged. In a brief statement, Flair said that he is "looking forward to the future and continuing my legacy" with the company, but one might be wondering why he's made such a quick and drastic shift from one company to another.

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If we are to make a guess as to why Flair and Legacy Talent Entertainment are no longer connected to each other, we'd probably say that Flair wasn't too happy about how the company stopped short of saying he was dying during his first few days in the hospital. Granted, Ric was suffering from a serious medical condition, and his doctors were previously quoted as saying he had a 20 percent chance of surviving the medical procedure he went through. But he probably didn't want his fans to fear the worst and start preparing their eulogies for the Nature Boy, which is what many people might have been doing after getting those updates about "tough medical issues" from Legacy.

At this point, everything is speculative, as Legacy has yet to issue any comment on Flair dropping their representation. The company still has Flair's photos on its website, as well as his testimonial describing Zanoni as the "ultimate brand-maker," among other positive things. But regardless of what the circumstances are, we wish Ric Flair the best as he continues to recover, and hope he has a long and fruitful relationship with his new agents at Get Engaged Media.

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