Ric Flair Makes a Huge Mistake in SmackDown Promo

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Ric Flair has cut many promos in his life and he's of the old school where you react to what's being said. Well, even the greats are bound to slip up every now and then. Flair, Natalya and Charlotte were guests for the Ambrose Asylum with Dean Ambrose at last night's SmackDown taping where Flair got a little carried away.

Natalya was saying to Flair that her uncle Bret could handle him and insinuating Hart was better than him. Flair then got fired up, yelling that had beaten her uncle all around the world. The slip-up came when he blurted out "kill yourself!"

This was probably not malicious and just Flair being Flair in a promo. We know how fired up he gets. Here's what happened according to a fan in attendance:

Updated post about #RicFlair slip of the tongue at #WWEManchester. Report the context, not just the comment. pic.twitter.com/kkj2veodz7

— Wrestling War Room (@WWRPodcast) April 27, 2016

You wonder if the WWE will edit that part out when SmackDown airs on Thursday night. WWE shouldn't be one to get upset with Flair considering what they had Paige say regarding Flair's deceased son, Reid.

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