Ric Flair Posts Staggering Photo Of Him Now Vs After His Emergency

The recovery that Ric Flair has made since being hospitalized is staggering, and he has posted photographic evidence to prove it.

Losing the heroes that you grew up watching is part and parcel of life. It happens with everything. For wrestling fans though it feels as if it happens a lot more often than in any other walk of life. One man who almost everyone involved in the pro wrestling industry has looked up to and continues to admire to this day is Ric Flair, but considering how crazy a life he lived it's a minor miracle that The Nature Boy wasn't taken before his time.


Then during the summer of 2017, it looked like that fateful day had come. The one that fans around the world had been dreading for years. The day we were going to lose Ric Flair. 'Naitch was rushed to the hospital and everybody feared for the worst. Yet, somehow Flair kicked out, and not only is he still here today but he looks better than ever.

Don't believe us? Look no further than the 16 time World Champion's own Twitter account to see proof. Last Thursday, Flair posted two photos side by side. One is of him while he was in the hospital and the other is how he looks now. The difference between the two photos, despite them only being taken six months apart, is incredible. The man on the left looks as if he was at death's door, because he was, while the man on the right is clearly raring to go for Raw's 25th anniversary.

The Nature Boy has been announced as one of the main guests on the show tonight, but it won't be the first time he appeared on WWE television since his hospital visit. Despite only being given a 20 percent chance of survival last summer, Flair made it on to SmackDown Live a couple of months ago so that he could celebrate with his daughter when she won the SmackDown Women's Championship.


Fans are likely thankful for a lot of things that happened in pro wrestling during 2017, it was a great and busy year for the industry, but the top of most fans' lists will be that Ric Flair is still with us. Seeing him on Raw's 25th anniversary will be the latest in a litany of great Naitch moments and hopefully, there will be many more to come.

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