Ric Flair Uploads First Post Surgery Video

All week we've received nothing but good news when it comes to the health of WWE great Ric Flair after he was admitted to an Atlanta hospital just a few weeks ago.

Flair was ended up being put in a medically induced coma as he dealt with organ failure as well as an infection.

Earlier in the week Flair posted a message on Twitter to show his fans that he's doing much better after such a close call, while his daughter, Charlotte, was interviewed while back stage at SmackDown Live and she made it clear that her dad is doing much better.

Also 10 days ago, Flair's representative Melina Morris Zanoni gave an update by posting a series of Tweets stating that things were looking much better for him even though he isn't out of the woods yet. Now, on Saturday, Flair posted a video on Instagram of himself wearing a shirt that says," I ain't dead yet mother f***ers."


Flair gave a shout out in the video to his fans and stated that the Nature Boy is back up and running. He even gave two woos during the video. Flair also said that he will see his fans in the very, very, very near future. Of course, we don't know how soon that will be.


It's obvious that Flair is not 100%, but it's great to see him talking. He clearly has some of his energy back. Enough to at least give us a couple of good "woos" from his hospital room.


With everything that Flair has gone through over the course of the past few weeks, while factoring in that he is 68 years-old, we wouldn't expect him to make an appearance on a WWE show until October at the earliest and that might be stretching it.  November is probably more reasonable for the two time WWE Hall of Famer.

We know that owner Vince McMahon and the WWE are going to want to celebrate Flair's recovery on one of their shows. Our guess is that show would likely be Raw.


Comment below. We would love to hear your reaction to the video that Flair posted.

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