Ric Flair Launches A YouTube Channel [Video]

After a summer in which "The Nature Boy" Ric Flair almost lost his life after suffering organ failure due to his life long abuse of alcohol, he's now decided to start his own YouTube channel.

As you can see, Flair posted his video on December 10th. He only has 433 subscribers, but I'm sure that number will shoot up very soon. And of course he gave his fans a good woooo during the video.

Flair has already posted a total of five videos, but this latest one confirms that this is in fact his YouTube channel. It will be interesting to see what kind of videos he posts as time goes on.

It would be really cool if Flair ends up doing a live Q&A with his fans.

When it comes to Flair's health, he's stated that he's given up drinking after almost dying, but some people close to him are worried about him staying sober due to the fact that he's trying to kick his decades long habit without help.


Hopefully Flair's near-death experience will help him not pick up another bottle of alcohol for the rest of his life.

Flair recently admitted that he was binge drinking only hours before his intestines ruptured, during an appearance on Ricky Morton's podcast, according to CBS Sports.

"I had been drinking ... shocker, yeah," Flair said, via TMZ. "A friend of mine came in town from Dallas and we had been out all day the day before (the emergency), and again in the morning before I flew back." Hours later, Flair had what he described as "this really sharp pain in [his] stomach," a doctor told him that his intestine had ruptured, "...and that's the last thing I remember," he said.

It's crazy to think that Flair doesn't remember anything, but it also makes sense since he was heavily medicated and placed in an induced coma. I'm also sure it's a time in which he wouldn't want to remember anything anyway.

If you want to know more about Flair and his wild lifestyle, then you have to watch his ESPN 30 for 30 documentary that was released this year. He completely opened about his struggles with alcohol. More specifically the fact that he would drink all day every day and would go out to bars after matches.

Flair also led a life in which he didn't shy away from sleeping with any and every woman that got in his path. He believes in all that he's been with over 10,000 women.

Feel free to comment below and tell us whether you'll be subscribing to Flair's YouTube channel. Also what kind of videos are hoping to se from him?


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