Rich Swann Update: All Charges Dropped

All charges of domestic battery and kidnapping have been dropped against WWE Superstar Rich Swann due to insufficient evidence.

205 Live has been hit with a lot of bad luck over the past six months or so and that luck hit an all-time low this past week as the company were forced to release Enzo Amore. The former NXT star was Cruiserweight Champion at the time meaning the title has now been left vacant. Details arose of an assault that Amore allegedly instigated after a woman posted details of the alleged incident taking place last October.

As touched upon, this isn't the only issue that WWE ran into when it comes to 205 Live stars recently. Austin Aries decided to leave the company, Neville is still absent after walking out of an episode of Raw, and Rich Swann was suspended following charges being brought against him for domestic battery and kidnapping.

Well, it appears that 205 Live might be about to get a bit of good news. On Thursday this week, PWInsider reported that all charges were dropped against Swann due to insufficient evidence. That likely means the former Cruiserweight Champion will have his suspension lifted and be able to return to WWE television sometime soon. It may not be right away though.

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Not too long ago Triple H and Stephanie McMahon were quizzed about the status of Rich Swann and WWE's power couple reiterated that the company has a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to issues of domestic abuse. They made it very clear that if Swann was convicted of the crimes he was accused of committing then he would be released from his contract, and his status really did depend on the outcome of the investigation.

With all of that being said, you would assume that now the charges have been dropped Swann's suspension will now be lifted. When the suspension was first put in place, he looked to be on his way to a possible Cruiserweight Title shot. Don't expect him to simply return to the top tier of 205 Live and WWE will likely ease the former champ back in gradually rather than slotting him right back in where he left off.


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