Rich Swann Released From Jail Under Multiple Conditions

Rich Swann's arrest sent shockwaves throughout the world of wrestling, and while he's been released from jail, he's got some rules to follow.

Yesterday morning, Cruiserweight and 205 Live Superstar Rich Swann was arrested on charges of kidnapping and false imprisonment and also faced battery charges. Later in the day, Swann was released from Alachua County Jail in Gainesville, Florida "on his own recognizance." But there are also a number of conditions that are attached to his release.

The original arrest stems from an incident involving his wife of nine months, Vannarah Riggs (known as Su Yung on the independent wrestling circuit). According to the police report filed yesterday, witnesses saw Swann jump out of a car and chase his wife back into said car —supposedly they had been arguing over a wrestling match she had been a part of earlier.


Witnesses also reported seeing Riggs yelling for help and Swann putting her in a headlock, putting her back in the car and driving off. In total, Swann could be looking at up to six years in prison. Kidnapping and false imprisonment can get him up to five years and battery could add another year to the sentence.


However, for right now Swann has been released from jail and according to a report from PWInsider—he is technically allowed to contact his wife and can even go home and live with her. However, upon his release, he did have to sign a statement agreeing to have "no direct or indirect hostile contact" with Riggs.

Which means, he can be around her, but he can't argue with her, insult her, or threaten her in any way. Which means he better tread very lightly and watch his step and that temper —which the arresting incident seems to suggest he has.

Also, within 24 hours of his release, Swann must contact court services. At this time, there has been a judge assigned to his case, but a date has not yet been set for a court hearing.

As for his status with WWE: they were quick to release a statement yesterday following his arrest saying that they have a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to domestic violence and they suspended Swann indefinitely right away.


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Rich Swann Released From Jail Under Multiple Conditions