WWE Suspends Rich Swann After Assault Charges

WWE has suspended a popular superstar after allegations of assault.

It didn't take long for the WWE to take action after it was learned that Cruiserweight competitor of 205 Live roster member Rich Swann was connected to and being charged with a kidnapping and false imprisonment charge on Sunday morning. He also faces a battery charge to which the WWE issued a statement this morning:

"WWE has zero tolerance for matters involving domestic violence, and per our policy, Rich Swann has been indefinitely suspended following his arrest."

Some may argue that a suspension for such a crime of this magnitude is not enough but right now, the appropriate thing to do by the WWE was taking some sort of action, show that the company is unwilling to accept these types of behaviors as acceptable and it is widely speculated that if proven guilty, Swann will be immediately released from his WWE contract.

Swann was scheduled to compete in a number one contender’s match for the cruiserweight title on Raw this Monday. Clearly, that will not be happening as WWE awaits further news on the status of these charges.


In a police report filed Sunday, witnesses stated seeing Swann jump out of a vehicle he was driving and ultimately chased fellow female wrestler and wife of nine months Vannarah Riggs (who goes by Su Yung) back into his car after an argument over her earlier wrestling match. Multiple reports saw Riggs yelling for help and forcefully placed in a headlock only to be placed back in the car while Swann drove away.

The kidnapping and false imprisonment charge comes with an up to five-year prison sentence. The battery charge could add another year to any sentence.

This is not a good look for WWE who will have to make a decision fairly soon when it comes to the status of one of their higher profiled Cruiserweight stars. Despite claims by Swann that he did not physically touch Riggs, with the details that have been revealed about the incident, it does not look good for the high-flying, dancing WWE entertainer.


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WWE Suspends Rich Swann After Assault Charges