Ricochet is ready to take his career to the next level as he has recently signed with the WWE. There will more than likely be some type of change to his character, whether it be in name or appearance. While some of these changes may or may not benefit him, he will probably be deployed to 205 Live because of his cruiserweight aerial tactics.

With the Royal Rumble just around the corner, Ricochet might make his cameo and from there he will be sent to NXT before being called to the main roster. With a lack of cruiserweight direction on Raw, being sent to 205 Live may not be a good idea for Ricochet and here’s why it might backfire.

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The whole purpose of 205 Live is to feature WWE’s cruiserweight wrestlers, and the show is already crowded. Ricochet may get lost in the shuffle so to speak if he ends up going to 205 Live. There are so many talented cruiserweight wrestlers who appear on 205 Live and he would just be another cruiserweight wrestler among many cruiserweights. The WWE used some of the wrestlers from their most popular shows in order to build the roster for 205 Live. The WWE did this with Neville who was one of the more popular stars when he came to the main roster. He was then sent to 205 Live and eventually held the cruiserweight title. Some fans were more than likely upset when the team of Enzo and Cass was split up in order to have Enzo Amore to become the number one guy on 205 Live. Ricochet would probably end up winning the title if he is sent to 205 Live, but would eventually be paired to only wrestle cruiserweights.

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On the flip side of that argument, despite there being a lot of cruiserweights, they’re hardly featured on main roster TV. Only some of the cruiserweights appear on Raw on a weekly basis to bring mainstream fans over to 205 Live, but WWE rarely features them against “heavyweight” competitors.  One of the more successful matchups of the past featured a smaller contender going up against a larger contender. These types of matchups worked for wrestlers like Rey Mysterio Jr. for example. Much larger guys are now doing what some would consider cruiserweight wrestling spots such as Apollo Crews, or even Seth Rollins. Ricochet would stand out if he were placed on Raw or SmackDown which would pit him against wrestlers out of his weight category and keep with the tradition of small man vs. big man matches.


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Ricochet himself has gone on record as saying in the past that if he had the chance to wrestle in the WWE, he would not want to end up on 205 Live. Ricochet more than likely knows about the importance of the small man vs. big man challenges and would not want to get lost in the 205 Live shuffle. There are so many hungry cruiserweights in 205 and many may feel that they may not get their chance at winning the title if only a select few are getting over.

Hopefully, when Ricochet makes his debut, he’s given the opportunity to be the standout performer he’s known as. While placing him 205 Live won’t destroy him, his unique wrestling style would have a chance to shine more with more TV time and exposure on the main roster. Only time will tell where he lands, but the heavyweight division seems like the best option.


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