Ricochet is one of the greatest independent wrestlers of all time, and is arguably the best high-flyer in the industry today. So when he signed with the WWE, the entire wrestling world was incredibly excited. But what Ricochet would we get in NXT? Would he be allowed to show off all the incredible moves that have made him famous? Would he even get to be Ricochet? Well there were rumors floating around that The Future of Flight wouldn’t be going by his indie moniker, as they’ve been using his real name, Trevor Mann in all interviews, but at the recent set of tapings he debuted using his Ricochet name.

He battled Fabian Aichner in a good, yet quick match, and if you haven’t seen the fan filmed video yet, he was allowed to use his famous 630 Senton, and the crowd went nuts for it. We’ll obviously know more about the match and how limited he is once the episode is released on the WWE Network (it will be a few weeks as his match came on night two of the tapings), but for now it looks like Ricochet is on track to become a huge star.

via cagesideseats.com


So there you have it guys, the rumors (fueled by WWE.com during their interviews with NXT talent at the PC) about Ricochet perhaps going by another name were wrong, and we will all be able to see it in a few weeks. So what do you think? Is this a good move for his career? Are you still worried about how limited he’ll be? Do you think he will or won’t work in the WWE? Let us know all your thoughts in the comments below.

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