20 Friends Of Triple H And Stephanie McMahon Fans Might Not Know About

Triple H and Stephanie McMahon have become the figureheads for WWE. Despite Vince McMahon still holding the power and control of what goes down on the product, Triple H and Stephanie are the ones that represent the brand. Both members of the happy couple take part in media appearances and on-screen presentation as the ones discussing the present and future of the company. Most of the wrestlers on the active main roster interact with Triple H and Stephanie more than Vince. Triple H forms a bond with many of them in NXT and attempts to help them find success on Raw or SmackDown. Stephanie is known for an evil heel on television, but she has the opposite reputation behind the scenes as someone wanting to help others.

Most wrestlers would like to become friends with the two people in charge of the future of the company. There will come a time sooner than later where Triple H and Stephanie are the ones making all decisions for the WWE product. Some people believe their friends backstage will benefit. The couple has formed friendships with many wrestlers on the roster and even some interesting people outside of the wrestling bubble. Find out just who have become friends of the most powerful couple in wrestling. These are 20 friends of Triple H and Stephanie McMahon fans might not know about.

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20 Brie Bella

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The friendship between Brie Bella and Stephanie McMahon led to them having a huge storyline together in 2014. There was a ready-made story with Daniel Bryan’s journey against The Authority, but no one could have predicted Brie would be the person Stephanie would step back in the ring to face.

The Bella Twins have a great relationship with both Triple H and Stephanie that brings them back to the company in short spurts. Total Divas even showed moments of Stephanie embracing Brie during a return to the promotion. Their SummerSlam program brought them even closer together as Stephanie trusted Brie in her first match in over a decade.

19 Big Show

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WWE utilized the friendship between Big Show and Triple H and Stephanie McMahon in a storyline. The angle featured Stephanie and Triple H trying to use Big Show to do their personal bidding with the claim that Big Show lost all his money in poor investments.

Big Show going broke was a lie, but the close friendship with Triple H and Stephanie was a real aspect used in that storyline. Show's almost two-decade WWE run made him a personal friend of Stephanie behind the scenes as well as a buddy of Triple H after they worked together many years.

18 Lilly Singh

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Stephanie McMahon found a new friend outside of the wrestling industry when YouTube personality Lilly Singh decided to attend WWE shows. The public social media posts about her interest in WWE led to Stephanie reaching out and offering a backstage tour.

Singh and Stephanie became good friends right away. Stephanie even appeared in Lilly’s YouTube videos on a few occasions. Both Triple H and Stephanie enjoy creating bonds with social media personalities. Singh seems to be backstage at every WWE show on Stephanie’s behalf whenever she’s in the same city as a major WWE show. Expect her at WrestleMania 35 in NYC along with a photo with Stephanie backstage.

17 Titus O'Neil

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Titus O'Neil may not be a friend of Vince McMahon after he was suspended a few years ago for getting too physical when joking with the boss. However, he claims he is close to both Triple H and Stephanie McMahon. Titus is known for being one of the most generous wrestlers that love taking part in charity work.

Triple H and Stephanie want community outreach to be a huge part of the WWE brand. Titus has the full support of both along with friendships formed. Expect O’Neil to be a part of the WWE family for the long run when Triple H and Stephanie get control.

16 Sheamus

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Triple H has been a friend of Sheamus for many years now. Long before he was the COO, Triple H tried to spot young wrestlers he felt deserved his help. Sheamus was one of the few that Triple H reached out to and attempted to mentor during his early years on the WWE roster.

There was even a WrestleMania match between Sheamus and Triple H that proved just how much Triple H wanted Sheamus to benefit from his help. Sheamus may not have thrived as a main event headliner, but he clearly has had a tremendously successful career. The two have reportedly remained friends behind the scenes.

15 Dana Warrior

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Triple H convincing The Ultimate Warrior to return to WWE for a Hall of Fame induction not only gave him a great end to his wrestling story, but it allowed his wife to become part of the WWE family. Dana Warrior formed a close friendship with both Stephanie McMahon and Triple H when they reached out to help following the death of her husband.

The Warrior Award and various other charitable projects allow Dana to be part of the WWE world, along with doing generally kind things. Dana has been spotted sitting ringside at NXT shows with Stephanie and some of their other friends enjoying the show from that side of the barrier for once.

14 The Undertaker and Michelle McCool

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The mystery behind The Undertaker in real life has many fans wondering if he is really friends with anyone outside of the ring. It appears the couple of Undertaker and his wife Michelle McCool did create a friendship with Triple H and Stephanie that exists outside of the ring.

McCool has expressed it is rare to get to spend time with them, but the couples enjoy each other's company very much. Undertaker was actually one of the few people that supported the relationship between Triple H and Stephanie at the start. The respect they had as wrestlers extended into a friendship in later years.

13 Beth Phoenix

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Beth Phoenix is one of the few former ladies of WWE that has been offered multiple chances to return in recent years. The Hall of Fame induction, Royal Rumble match appearance, commentating spots on various WWE shows and other projects have seen Phoenix get treated with respect.

Her friendship with Stephanie McMahon likely plays a huge role in the great relationship Phoenix has with WWE. The ladies selected to get inducted into the Hall of Fame in recent years are reportedly selections that Stephanie suggests given her role in the women’s evolution. Beth’s past is celebrated partially due to her friendship with Stephanie.

12 Diamond Dallas Page

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Most fans would assume Triple H and Diamond Dallas Page don’t have much of a friendship since Triple H spent the Monday Night War in WWE while Page was in WCW. However, the short run Triple H had in WCW led to him making a couple of lifelong friends, including DDP.

The decisions to have Page appear in a recent Royal Rumble match and later get inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame likely came from Triple H. A combination of their friendship, respect for DDP’s work, and the support of what Page does with his yoga product helped him become a Hall of Famer.

11 Kevin Owens

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Kevin Owens has referred to Triple H as a mentor, inspiration, and friend when discussing the role Triple H played in his rise. It was Triple H who made the final decision to hire Owens when the rest of the team was split on bringing him into the company.

Owens stated the moment where Triple H helped him win the Universal Championship was an amazing feeling for him as he was able to legitimately thank Triple H in the ring. The two clearly have a friendly relationship behind the scenes. Triple H reportedly filled in for Owens during an overseas tour when KO had a family issue and still wanted the pay to go to Owens.

10 Ronda Rousey

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The signing of Ronda Rousey by WWE basically came thanks to her friendships with Triple H and Stephanie McMahon. Both members of the happy couple often sent out posts on social media wishing luck and congratulating Rousey after her big UFC fights.

They started the friendship when Rousey would show up to WWE shows as a fan. Stephanie even took part in the Ice Bucket Challenge in 2014 when Rousey and the other Four Horsewomen were backstage. The first match for Rousey allowing her to face off with Triple H and Stephanie gave her the ease of working with two of her closest friends in the company to start her new career.

9 William Regal

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The story of William Regal is similar to Diamond Dallas Page. Triple H became a good friend of Regal in WCW as they often worked together. Regal joining WWE in the late '90s allowed them to reconnect, as Regal remained with the company for quite some time.

Triple H even tried to get Regal a major push towards the end of his career as they feuded on Raw before a policy violation got Regal suspended. Upon bouncing back from the mistake, Triple H eventually made Regal part of his team to run the Performance Center. There’s a reason Regal is the one making huge decisions for the future of the company, and that is due to Triple H’s respect, support, and trust of him.

8 Eve Torres

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Eve Torres left WWE during the peak of her run to enter the next chapter of her life. That didn’t prevent her from becoming a friend of Triple H and Stephanie McMahon to extend past her time in WWE. Torres developed a friendship with both important members of WWE to keep her on the roster as an ambassador.

Triple H and Stephanie both attended a self-defense seminar taught by Eve in 2014, as that was a huge passion project for her. Stephanie spoke glowingly about the work that Torres does and how much it can help those in need of learning such techniques. If Eve ever wanted to return, Triple H and Stephanie likely will welcome her back to WWE.

7 Finn Balor

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Finn Balor has developed a positive relationship with both Triple H and Stephanie McMahon backstage. The friendship with Triple H formed when Balor started at NXT. They already had fun with the “too sweet” sign bonding them together, but Triple H grew immense respect for Finn carrying the brand to new heights.

Reports indicate that Triple H is Balor’s biggest supporter on the main roster and clearly wants to push him harder than Vince McMahon does. Stephanie is also a huge supporter of Balor and reportedly wanted him to portray the company’s first openly LGBT (in kayfabe) character before plans were scrapped. Both want great things for Finn personally and professionally in WWE.

6 Nia Jax

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The support for Nia Jax in WWE has seen just about every major person backstage become a fan of hers. Jax had the benefit of the relation to The Rock welcoming her into WWE. Triple H and Stephanie McMahon each wanted her to become a huge part of the women’s division due to her history and her look.

Jax has received many opportunities thanks to both Triple H and Stephanie looking out for her. Vince McMahon is the one that decides her push, but Triple H and Stephanie have influenced other things like her rushed call-up to the main roster or a spot on the Total Divas reality show.

5 Trish Stratus

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Stephanie McMahon’s friendship with Trish Stratus has slipped under the radar through the years. The two only worked together for a few months in a memorable feud. However, Stephanie and Trish bonded backstage with Stephanie being a huge supporter of Trish getting a credible run.

The WWE Hall of Fame induction shocked fans when Stephanie was selected to induct Stratus. Lita is known as the top rival and closest real-life friend of Trish, but Stephanie clearly wanted to deliver the speech. The friendship has kept Stratus involved in the WWE family with multiple appearances for historic moments like Evolution and the first women’s Royal Rumble match.

4 The Rock

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The relationship between The Rock and Triple H was not a positive one for many years. Both men had animosity in the early years because they were two young stars trying to get to the top. The different journeys would each lead to them having top spots and feuding with each other in a legendary rivalry.

Triple H and The Rock became friends many years later with The Rock a movie star and Triple H in a powerful WWE position. The Rock returning to wrestle for the company in 2012 led to Triple H forming a better relationship with him. If you want proof for a meaningful friendship, Triple H is one of the few wrestlers The Rock follows on Twitter.

3 Natalya

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Triple H may have had a contentious relationship with Bret Hart, but other Hart family members have formed friendships with him. Natalya is one of the closer friends of both Triple H and Stephanie McMahon on the WWE roster.

It is obvious WWE has huge respect for Natalya. Triple H and Stephanie’s appreciation for everything she’s done for the company is a major reason this happens. Natalya stated in interviews that Stephanie hugging her backstage at SummerSlam after her dad Jim Neidhart passed away was a huge moment that made her realize coming back to work was the right call. Both Triple H and Stephanie will likely ensure Natalya remains with WWE in some capacity for as long as she wants.

2 Floyd Mayweather

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One non-wrestler to maintain a friendship with Triple H and Stephanie McMahon is legendary boxer, Floyd Mayweather. The fame of Mayweather came not only due to his undefeated career, but it was also because of his portrayal of a wrestling heel character getting boxing fans to loathe him.

Mayweather wrestling Big Show at WrestleMania XXIV started a close friendship with Triple H outside of the wrestling world. Triple H even joined celebrities 50 Cent and Justin Bieber as Mayweather’s entourage for a major fight. There are usually words of support for Mayweather by Triple H on social media before his big fights.

1 Charlotte Flair

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Triple H and Stephanie McMahon have been great friends to Charlotte Flair behind the scenes. All the ladies of the Four Horsewomen have good relationships with Triple H and Stephanie. Charlotte just happened to be the one Vince McMahon felt deserved the biggest push.

It led to Charlotte being placed in many tough situations. Triple H’s friendship was a huge help to her, as stated in many of her interviews, as he always offered advice. Stephanie and Charlotte are also close as well, as seen with their interactions in various WWE documentaries. Both Triple H and Stephanie having a close friendship with Ric Flair extended to Charlotte when she joined the WWE family as well.

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