Predicting The Next 10 ROH Superstars Who Will Leave ROH

Ring Of Honor is always considered to be one of the best professional wrestling companies in the world, and throughout its history, the company has produced and showcased some of the all-time greats.

From Daniel Bryan and Seth Rollins to the Young Bucks and CM Punk, ROH has always had a loaded roster but sadly the company has never quite been able to reach a level to compete with WWE.

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Because of that, many wrestlers have ended up moving on from the company to pastures new, and sadly with AEW now being the next big game in town, that tradition is only going to continue. So with that in mind, let's take a look at the next 10 wrestlers who could possibly leave the company.

10 Dalton Castle

When it comes to the Ring Of Honor roster, Dalton Castle is one of the most talented and charismatic wrestlers that the company has, but he is also someone who many fans want to see work at a slightly higher level.

Castle has an insane amount of charisma and talent, and he has always been rumored with moving on to the next level, but with Castle and Velveteen Dream having a fairly similar gimmick many have wondered if he would ever move on to WWE.

However, with AEW now around, there is a strong chance that he could easily go to them and thrive, with Castle and the Boys providing some fantastic storyline potential for any company.

9 Juice Robinson

It has been made very public with various reports that WWE has been incredibly interested in re-signing Juice Robinson, who worked under the name of CJ Parker during his stint in NXT.

Robinson has become one of the hottest names in wrestling over the past year, especially with his work in New Japan Pro Wrestling where he has become one of the top stars in the company.

Even though he has been treated as a major star with New Japan, there is a good chance when his ROH contract expires he will move on to another promotion in America, or simply become full-time for New Japan.

8 The Briscoes

Tag team wrestling has been a major focus for AEW right off the bat and anybody who has followed the careers of the Young Bucks will know that one of their biggest ever rivals has been The Briscoes.

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The duo are insanely talented wrestlers who have done it all in Ring Of Honor, and it is time for them to move on and see what else is out there for them to achieve as a tag team, with a move to AEW being something fans would love to see.

They would be perfect within the current AEW tag team division, but the longer they wait the lower the chances of that happening becomes, so hopefully it is a move that happens in the near future.

7 Jonathan Gresham

When it comes to pure in-ring talent, Jonathan Gresham is one of the best in the world right now and while that is suited very well to Ring Of Honor, there is no doubt that other top companies are watching him closely.

Gresham is exactly the sort of wrestler that would be well suited to NXT or AEW, where in-ring talent is put above everything else and considering how highly rated he is, both of those places will be keeping tabs on his future.

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When his contract is next up with Ring Of Honor, it would not be a surprise to see Gresham make the decision to move on and take his career to the next level.

6 David Finlay

The son of wrestling legend Fit Finlay, David has shown plenty of potential and ability in both Ring Of Honor and New Japan Pro Wrestling, and he is someone that every major company should be keeping tabs on.

Considering his obvious connection to Fit Finlay, a logical next step would be for him to work towards a WWE deal, with NXT being a great fit for him considering his experience and his fantastic wrestling ability.

Potentially using Fit Finlay in a storyline is something that a lot of fans would love to see, even if it was just a one-off and seeing him make that move wouldn't be too surprising.

5 Colt Cabana

While Colt Cabana's in-ring career might be coming towards the end, the incredibly popular wrestler can still offer plenty to a company, whether that be in the ring or on commentary, where he is equally impressive.

Cabana has always been a great in-ring talent and the influence he has had on the wrestling industry cannot be overstated, and a move to AEW for one last big run is something that he certainly deserves.

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While he isn't going to be the AEW World Champion anytime in the future, he could certainly follow in the footsteps of Dustin Rhodes, using his experience to help talent both on television, and behind the scenes.

4 Bandido

When Bandido signed with Ring Of Honor a lot of wrestling fans were surprised as the talented wrestler had been heavily linked with both WWE and AEW, with everyone trying to sign him.

The fact ROH won the battle was a major deal for them, but even though they signed Bandido for now, that doesn't mean he is going to be around forever as this could simply be his way of officially proving himself in America.

When his contract comes up next there is going to be some serious demand for Bandido and a bidding war could easily take place, which might lead to him exiting ROH for a new challenge.

3 Motor City Machine Guns

Earlier on in the list, we mentioned the Briscoe Brothers and their legendary rivalry with the Young Bucks making them a team that Matt and Nick Jackson would be interested to have on their roster.

But the Motor City Machine Guns are just as big of a rival team to the 'Bucks, with their story dating all the way back to their time in TNA when the two teams had some of the best wrestling matches of the year.

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Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin may have ventured into singles wrestling as well, but that doesn't mean they couldn't move back into it, especially since Shelley's recent return from retirement.

2 Marty Scurll

This one is seemingly guaranteed to happen at some stage in the near future, with Marty Scurll's contract coming up with Ring Of Honor in the near future and most wrestling fans simply waiting for him to show up in All Elite Wrestling.

Scurll was a major part of the success of Being The Elite, with the Villain being one of the heavily featured stars on the YouTube show and as a member of Bullet Club, but when AEW was formed his contract with ROH was still on.

However, it seems inevitable that when the opportunity arises he will return to working with his friends and being a major part of AEW moving forward.

1 Flip Gordon

In a similar vein to Marty Scurll, Flip Gordon was someone that the AEW team were really high on, with the upcoming wrestler being heavily featured on Being The Elite each week with Gordon being given a big moment at ALL IN as well.

However, just like Scurll, Flip has been under contract with ROH, which is why he hasn't made the move to AEW. In the end, it has actually been a good thing for Gordon as he has been able to prove himself without The Elite helping him.

Gordon has continued to thrive and develop as a wrestler, and that means that if he does end up leaving ROH, he is going to be an even bigger star when he arrives somewhere new, whether that be AEW or somewhere else.

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