Road Dogg Shoots Down Rusev, Baron Corbin Rumors

In the aftermath of SummerSlam, we’ve been hearing our fair share of juicy rumors, including reports that Rusev and/or Lana asked for their release from WWE, and claims that John Cena and Baron Corbin have a legitimate beef with each other. It would seem that there’s no truth to those rumors, according to a series of tweets from WWE legend and SmackDown creative head Road Dogg, and while the source of those rumors has steadfastly maintained their accuracy, it also appears that the former tag team champion and DX alumnus wasn’t willing to back down either as he debunked the rumors.

For those who need to get caught up, The Dirty Sheets reported John Cena and Baron Corbin had a “major backstage altercation,” with Cena allegedly reading Corbin the riot act about his attitude. This was supposedly followed up at SummerSlam when the 16-time world champion told the Lone Wolf during their match that he “ain’t done s**t” in the WWE, and that “nothing is about [him].” The same publication also wrote separately that Rusev was asking for his release, with him and his wife Lana allegedly upset over how poorly they’ve been booked in recent weeks.


Not long after those reports emerged, Road Dogg took to Twitter to clarify things and explain that it wasn’t true that Rusev and/or Lana wanted out of their WWE contracts, Wrestling News wrote. But Billi Bhatti of The Dirty Sheets was also quick to respond to Road Dogg, saying that he was “categorically told” that Rusev did ask for his release, and that it was only the “marks” who were suggesting that the Ravishing Russian also wanted to leave WWE. He then brought up the alleged Cena-Corbin altercation, which Road Dogg also debunked, reiterating that Bhatti was “misinformed” all along.

Bhatti wasn't done, though, as he retweeted a brief audio clip of the Cena vs. Corbin match at SummerSlam, where Big Match John supposedly told Baron that he "ain't done s**t." Road Dogg remained nonplussed, scoffing at Bhatti's use of an in-ring conversation as corroborating evidence to back up his story.


As we write this, the Rusev/Lana story has been updated with a retraction, though the original story still remains on The Dirty Sheets. And Bhatti is still proudly proclaiming the accuracy of his reports, having tweeted that 179 out of the 183 stories he's written this year have been correct, while also claiming The Wrestling Observer's Dave Meltzer "has nothing" these days in a retweet of his report on WWE's rumored plans for The New Day.

Bhati went on to say he's 179 out of 183 with stories he's reported, and that sounds like a pretty good batting average, but we're going to have to side with Road Dogg and call bull on both the Rusev/Lana and Cena/Corbin stories. It's no secret that Corbin has nuclear backstage heat, and there's a good chance Rusev and Lana are really upset with their lack of in-ring success. But we believe the recent rumors were blown more than a little out of proportion. John Cena says a lot of things in the ring, may he be calling moves or talking trash in character.

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