Road Dogg Shoots On Fans That Want Him Fired

Road Dogg has hit back at fans on Twitter who started up the #FireRoadDogg Hashtag following last weekend's Battleground.

WWE pay-per-view Battleground didn't exactly sit well with the fans. Aside from the opening Tag Team Championship match between The Usos and New Day, there was nothing for fans to really get excited about. It didn't go unnoticed by WWE either. Following the event, #FireRoadDogg began doing the rounds on Twitter since the former DX member is head of creative on Tuesday nights, and he couldn't help himself when it came to responding.

48-hours later, this week's edition of SmackDown Live aired, and suffice to say it was a marked improvement on what had gone down at Battleground. A returning Chris Jericho, the announcement that John Cena will face Shinsuke Nakamura next week, plus a triple threat United States title match to close off the whole thing. Road Dogg, or Brian James, was understandably pretty happy with the results.

After the show on Tuesday night, Road Dogg took to Twitter himself and actually used the hashtag that had been created two days before, but not in the derogatory way it had been used before. Road Dogg told fans that he had two words for them "and they ain't #FireRoadDogg." Needless to say, fans hit back at James, most telling him that one good show doesn't make up for everything. Road Dogg then went on a blocking spree, tweeting an array of critical fans that they were about to get blocked.

Road Dogg has been working behind the scenes with WWE since 2015. Triple H convinced Vince McMahon that he would be a good fit for his current role, and quickly rose to the position that he holds now as the head of creative for SmackDown Live. For the most part since the draft in July 2016, it's probably fair to say that Road Dogg has been doing a pretty good job. However, it only takes a couple of bad shows in a row for present day fans to start clamoring for your head.



With how easy it is for fans to air their grievances nowadays people in Road Dogg's position really do need to have a thicker skin. Considering how outspoken wrestling fans can be, it can't be the first time that he has come under criticism via social media. Cena versus Nakamura and Kevin Owens versus AJ Styles already booked for next week's SmackDown Live feels like a knee jerk reaction to the complaints, so even though Road Dogg may not have been fired, fans who tweeted can consider the hashtag at least a little successful.

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