Road Warriors: 10 Best Matches In Their Careers

The legacy of the Road Warriors has made them an all-time great tag team from their run in the 80s to watching their work back all these years later. Animal and Hawk both had outstanding looks with the jacked physiques and the face paint. Both wrestlers worked well together in the ring and had a superb presentation with their entrance music and gear, making them stand out.

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We will look back at the careers of the Road Warriors. WWE changed their name as the Legion of Doom during that chapter of their careers. All these matches played a huge role in forming their legacy. The Road Warriors would have matches that pushed the genre of tag team wrestling forward. Find out just why they have a spot in the conversation for the best team in wrestling history. These are the top ten matches of the Road Warriors.

10 The Road Warriors vs Lex Luger and Sting (Superbrawl 6)

The star power involved in this match gave us one of the biggest tag team matches in WCW history. Sting and Lex Luger were best friends that teamed together occasionally as a credible duo. They faced off against the Road Warriors in a great match at Superbrawl 6.

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This was the second match of the night for Sting and Luger after they successfully defended against Harlem Heat earlier. The match against the Road Warriors was a tremendous brawl that unfortunately ended in a double count-out. A better finish would see this match ranked higher.

9 Legion of Doom vs The Nasty Boys (Summerslam 1991)

The Nasty Boys were never known for being great wrestlers, but they did shine in the brawls. It was the perfect setting when they faced off with the Legion of Doom in a Street Fight for the WWE Tag Team Championship at Summerslam 1991.

The match was a rare violent one using weapons and taking place outside of the ring for most of it. Hawk and Animal brought the intensity for the highly entertaining fight. This was arguably the best overall match for the Nasty Boys and a top tier one for the Legion of Doom.

8 The Road Warriors vs The Midnight Express (Starrcade 1986)

The Scaffold match was one of the top attraction matches for wrestling in the 80s. It would see the wrestlers fighting on a scaffold over the ring with the suspense of the winning team having to throw the losing team off it into the ring.

The Road Warriors and Midnight Express had one of the better matches with this stipulation. Hawk wrestled the match with a bad leg injury he suffered earlier in Japan. The match ended with the Road Warriors throwing the Midnight Express off the scaffold and their manager Paul Ellering doing the same to Jim Cornette.

7 Road Warriors vs Harlem Heat (Nitro: February 26, 1996)

One of the final great matches for the Road Warriors came during their last stint as a team in WCW. Harlem Heat emerged as the top duo in the company as they faced off against the former top team in a match on the February 26, 1996 edition of Nitro.

Both teams had great chemistry with an entertaining match on Nitro. It was hard to deliver a strong effort on Nitro at the time with limited television time trying to advance all the storylines. The Road Warriors and Harlem Heat however made the most of their time with an instant classic.

6 The Road Warriors vs Ivan and Nikita Koloff (NWA Great American Bash Tour)

The stipulation of a Russian Chain match would see the Road Warriors vs Ivan and Nikita Koloff take place at a Great American Bash Tour show. Both teams had strong momentum heading into it as two of the most violent duos in wrestling.

The Road Warriors shined brightest when they were able to turn the match into a brawl with the unpredictable element. This match was no different as the chain served as a great weapon during the time in the mid-80s when weapons were rarely even used in wrestling.

5 The Road Warriors vs Sting and Booker T (Uncensored 1996)

An unlikely tag team of Sting and Booker formed to take on the Road Warriors at Uncensored 1996. It was the story of two wrestlers uniting solely for the common goal of taking on a mutual pair of enemies in Animal and Hawk.

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The stipulation of a Chicago Street Fight added the intensity needed to make the match special. All four matches delivered great performances that stole the show. Sting and Booker pulled off the surprising win with Booker showing the first early signs of being ready to move up the card.

4 Legion of Doom vs Money Inc (Summerslam 1992)

Fans of old school tag team wrestling will always find joy when watching the opening match back for Summerslam 1992. Ted DiBiase and I.R.S. represented the Money Inc. tag team with Jimmy Hart at ringside as their manager.

The Legion of Doom would have every fan on their side with a cool entrance of them riding to the ring on motorcycles. All four wrestlers told a great story dragging out the hot tag as Wembley Stadium exploded when the LOD finally took over and won the exciting match.

3 The Road Warriors vs Arn Anderson & Tully Blanchard (Starrcade 1987)

Tag team wrestling shined at its best at Starrcade 1987 when the legendary duo of Arn Anderson and Tully Blanchard faced off against the Road Warriors. The heel work of Anderson and Blanchard in the Four Horsemen allowed them to thrive as a duo.

This match for the NWA Tag Team Championship was quite exciting with the back and forth story. Unfortunately, the ending of a DQ added some disappointment with Blanchard and Anderson winning. If the match had a real finish, it would have easily been #1.

2 Legion of Doom, Steve Austin, Goldust & Ken Shamrock vs The Hart Foundation (In Your House: Canadian Stampede 1997)

The In Your House: Canadian Stampede event featured an incredible showdown between the Hart Foundation and their enemies. Bret Hart led the group that played heels in the United States but were the ultimate babyfaces in Canada.

The Legion of Doom rounded out the opposing team with singles stars Steve Austin, Ken Shamrock and Goldust. This was regarded as one of the all-time great matches in WWE history. All ten men made magic in front of a red-hot crowd for a match that people still glowingly discuss today.

1 The Road Warriors vs The Steiner Brothers (Starrcade 1989)

Both tag teams involved in this Starrcade 1989 match are involved in the discussion for the greatest duo in wrestling history. An Iron Team tournament would see four teams facing off throughout the night. The most exciting of the matches was clearly the Road Warriors vs Steiner Brothers.

This was a showdown between two dominant teams at their peak. Scott and Rick Steiner pulled out the victory scoring the huge victory over the Road Warriors on the biggest show of the year. If you want to watch a match between these two teams, this was their best bout yet.

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