The Rock & AJ Styles Trade Shots On Twitter

After his Stunner sell was compared to The Rock's, AJ Styles wound up exchanging words with The Great One on Twitter.

When Stone Cold pays Raw a visit, someone's gonna get stunned. On occasion a bunch of people get stunned, but we think it has more of an impact when its just the one person. The one Stunner dealt out on Raw this week certainly left a mark. AJ Styles was the lone victim during Austin's latest visit. He took one during the show and another after it went off the air.

While a lot of delivering a Stunner is down to the person giving it, usually Austin, the recipient also needs to make it look good. For a bad example of this, go back to the first Stunner Vince McMahon ever received. For a much better example, look up any time The Rock was ever hit with the move.

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No one sold the Stunner like Rock, which is why him acknowledging Style's sell-job is praise indeed. In response to a clip of the move, Rock tweeted, "that Stunner back bump, flip into a scissors sell was a thing of beauty." We wholeheartedly agree. However, Styles being the heel that he is decided to focus on another part of the tweet.

Rock opened by jokingly referring to The Phenomenal One as a "hillbilly boy." He also highlighted that it was a private joke he and Austin had back during the Attitude Era. Styles did not take kindly to being called a hillbilly. The US Champ quoted the tweet and replied, "I'm a redneck Dwayne! There is a big difference." Might just be us, but the name Dwayne sounds great in Styles' voice, even in our heads.

As for a dream match between any of these three men well, that seems unlikely. Austin is one of the only wrestlers to have kept to his word when he retired. His last match was versus Rock more than 16 years ago. As for The People's Champ, he recently revealed that he has no intention of ever wrestling again. Styles will have to return to trying to coax Shawn Michaels into having one more match for the time being.

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