Rock Bottom: 8 Former Wrestlers That Appear Hopeless (And 7 That Can Still Turn It Around)

Life may hit pretty hard, sometimes. Lives can change, we may be emotionally drained, or hurt, and a lot of influences may creep around us, potentially only darkening the cloud we’re living under. As far as careers go, they can end in pure shambles, especially if you’re in the entertainment business, and especially, if you are in the wrestling business. With all the temptations that have surrounded wrestlers throughout the years, it’s no surprise that many of them have turned out the way they have.

Still, we are all human. We’re imperfect, and when things are not looking so well on occasion, well, sometimes, we find whatever we can to easy the mind a little bit. Maybe we try, and ease them too much with whatever gimmick of choice we have decided will help us cope with the hardships of life, but you get the dang point. Still! Some of these former wrestling stars have hope, and as many of them have proven in the past, a change in life is always a possibility. We've seen many wrestlers rebound from hard times before and we hope every wrestler listed here can do the same.

Without further ado, here are 8 Former Wrestlers That Appear Hopeless, And 7 Of Them That Can Still Turn It Around!

15 Hopeless: Marty Jannetty

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His entry on this list may come to no surprise considering his name is the butt of a joke when comparing one superior member of a team, to his lesser counterpart, “you’re the Jannetty!” The former Rocker alongside WWE Hall of Famer, Shawn Michaels, has found himself in poor physical condition due to years of bumps in the ring, and drug addiction issues outside of it. Not to mention his several inconsistent runs with the WWE throughout the years.

It doesn’t appear that Jannetty is in the best of financial situations. Jannetty, to this day, makes the rare independent wrestling show appearance to perform in, except now, with his deteriorating health, he isn’t even as capable of completing the one thing he was truly great at.

14 Can Turn It Around: Ken Shamrock

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Not to say that this man is in the worst of conditions, however, based on some rumored health concerns a few years back, and seemingly being blackballed from the business, it doesn’t appear that Ken Shamrock is in the best of standings, at least with wrestling. Still, Shamrock does appear to be in great shape these days, speaks fondly of his time in the WWF, and has made several statements, alluding to his interest in returning to the WWE. Why not? He’s in good shape, the older fans would love it, and have probably been clamoring for his return for several years now. A decent run, or appearance with the WWE could do very well for the UFC Hall of Famer. Perhaps he could add a WWE Hall of Fame ring along with that first honor.

13 Hopeless: Sabu

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Perhaps, another entry that comes to no surprise, the ECW original had several injuries during his prime that would keep most people in bed for weeks, let alone to continue wrestling a match. Sabu, however, has paid a price for his risky offense in the ring. It has been documented on numerous occasions of Sabu’s health slowly becoming worse with every match he participates in. It’s almost shameful with someone who has given so much of his literal body, and has influenced a style of wrestling that many wrestlers today do their best to emulate, is not in a position to be living his life lavishly. Injury issues, drug issues, and apparent attitude issues in the past seem to leave Sabu in no position to be receiving any large payoffs in the foreseeable future.

12 Can Turn It Around: X-Pac

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Much like Ken Shamrock, X-Pac may not be in the worst of standings at the moment, but perhaps he isn’t on the best either. Along with his recent charges of drug possession at an airport, along with a dark past that has proceeded him, perhaps the WWE don’t want a whole lot to do with X-Pac again, just yet. He has made several appearances in WWE the last few years, not to mention is closely linked to high WWE executive in Paul “Triple H” Levesque. His recent drug charges have been dropped, and has been explained by X-Pac to be a misunderstanding, it’s likely the former member of the popular as all hell “D-Generation-X” will be appearing in some lucrative spotlight, sooner rather than later.

11 Hopeless: Ahmed Johnson

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“The Pearl River Powerhouse” has come a long way since his time in the then-WWF during the mid-1990s. Following his run with the WWE, Johnson had an unsuccessful stint in WCW, ultimately being released due to weight issues. Johnson made a few “indy” show appearances before retiring, appearing grossly overweight in comparison to the physique he carried only a few years prior in the WWE. Most, if any, of his pictures that appear online today show how much Johnson has put on weight since his heyday. It's difficult to judge someone with struggling health issues, however, his documented sentiment towards several of his former coworkers are not of the most flattering, or kind degree, so he’s unlikely to receive much sympathy from anyone in the wrestling business. His wrestling days are indeed behind him, but unfortunately, his healthier days may be, too.

10 Can Turn It Around: Jake Roberts

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Yes, he’s already come along so far with his life transformation the last several years with his physical, and drug addiction issues. As shown in the documentary “The Resurrection of Jake “The Snake” Roberts”, Roberts may have also dealt with some financial issues over the years. These days, Roberts seems to be enjoying his sobriety, making indie appearances on a regular basis. It’s a curious thought, that with his reputation of being one of the most creative, and talented performers in the wrestling business, would WWE use those assets once again, and help mold future WWE talents? They probably should. Perhaps much time on the road does not interest Jake Roberts, however, with his continuing positive success in his life, the potential lucrative position can always be a possibility.

9 Hopeless: Vader

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“Oh it’s time!” One of the greatest big-men performers, and probably just performers in the wrestling business, the man has main-evented in about every promotion he’s performed for in his career. Unfortunately, the “man they call, Vader”, has had many recent health concerns the past couple of years with congenital heart failure, going as far as announcing that his doctors have told him, he may only have a couple more years to live. My God. Hopefully, a WWE Hall of Fame induction spotlighting his illustrious career in the wrestling business, can at least give Leon White, and all of his fans, something hopeful to look forward to. We also hope his diagnosis isn't as grave as the doctors think.

8 Can Turn It Around: Billy Gunn

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7 Hopeless: The Dynamite Kid

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Known for being one of the greatest in ring performers in the wrestling business ever, whilst known for being one of the most notorious backstage bullies in the wrestling business, ever, the former half of the “British Bulldogs” has been confined to a wheel chair for several years now, due to his severe back injuries sustained during his wrestling career.

It’s an eerie sight for someone who was known for such bad intentions towards other backstage, is now permanently confined to a wheelchair, and with a reputation as awful as his physical conditions are. Not a “hopeful” place for anyone to ever be in. His demeanor hasn't exactly garnered him sympathy from fellow wrestlers, despite the poor physical health he's in.

6 Can Turn It Around: Nick "Eugene" Dinsmore

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BUT, he could return again. Perhaps he could train more potential WWE talent, or even train future WWE talent in his own wrestling school. It's fair to say, his standing in the wrestling business, and life as a whole, seems pretty hopeful and he should be able to land on his feet.

5 Hopeless: Virgil

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4 Can Turn It Around: Rock 'N Roll Express

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3 Hopeless: Demolition

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The duo has also found themselves still performing on indie shows, despite their age, and years of nagging injuries, the two-should be Hall of Famers, are not in the most hopeful of positions one could imagine.

2 Can Turn It Around: Perry Saturn

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The former “Radical”, and U.S Army solider was in severely poor financial, and physical straits the last several years. After being released by the WWE, and seemingly disappearing from the business for many years, Perry Saturn resurfaced with a recent appearance on Chris Jericho’s “Talk is Jericho” podcast to discuss his issues with drug addiction that left him penny-less, to the rock-bottom­, see what I did there, point of being homeless! Saturn spoke about literally living in the streets, and being a full-on addict. Since his appearance on “Talk is Jericho”, Saturn has had funding pages created for him, for anyone that would like to donate to his medical expenses, and housing concerns, but more importantly, he has done his best to remain sober, and even had a few shirts listing "Saturn Sobriety" on them, to support his fight against addictions.

1 Hopeless: Kamala

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While some of these former wrestlers seem to be without hope, we sure wish them all the best and hope all of them are able to turn things around.

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