CM Punk Reveals His Wrestling Mount Rushmore

Who would make it on to a wrestling Mount Rushmore might be the most hotly debated topic in the business. A couple of top guys have now had their say.

Venture onto wrestling Twitter for longer than three minutes and you'll quickly discover fans of the business are always bickering. One of the biggest disputes is over who the greatest wrestler of all time is. It doesn't matter that there is no right answer and it is an entirely subjective topic, fans will continue to debate and argue until the end of time.

The best way to declare who your favorite wrestlers are is via a wrestling Mount Rushmore. The four wrestlers who have had such an impact on the business that you believe they deserve to have their faces carved into the side of a mountain. The trickiest thing about picking your own personal Mount Rushmore? Keeping it down to just four.

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Bleacher Report has recently sparked numerous debates online by tweeting its own wrestling Rushmore and asking fans to share their own. Some big-time stars have also been getting in on the action. Most notably, The Rock. A man who likely appears on a fair few wrestling Rushmores himself. Rock bent the rules a little by including five stars, Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair, Gorgeous George, Bruno Sammartino, and Stone Cold.

The most surprising thing about Rock's Rushmore is that he didn't include his father or grandfather, both WWE Hall of Famers. The most surprising thing about CM Punk's is the severe lack of Roddy Piper. Punk has claimed Piper to be his favorite wrestler in the past and although we definitely believe that, he didn't make it onto The Second City Saint's Mount Rushmore.

Instead, Punk included Mitsuharu Misawa, Stone Cold, Randy Savage, and Harley Race. Another set of strong choices, and another mention for Austin. One thing's for sure, Hogan had no chance of making it onto Punk's Rushmore. The former WWE Champion has openly admitted he wasn't a Hogan guy growing up, and likes him even less now that he has had the opportunity to meet him.

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