The Rock Sets A Strange Guinness World Record

If you were told that The Rock had just set a new Guinness World Record your initial thought would probably be that it had something to do with social media. Or, if not that, then you might assume the record was for something involving movie box office – given that he is one of, if not, the biggest star in the world. But you would probably never guess that the record he broke was one that had previously been held by a bunch of high school kids. But that’s what happened.

Over the weekend Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson set the Guinness World Record for most cereal boxes in one place being used as dominoes. The People’s Champ used 3,006 cereal boxes to set the record – which had been 2,600 and had been held by Carey High School in Long Island.


When The Rock set the record it had only been held by the high school for a few hours. But, not backing down to the biggest star in the world, Carey High School came back with a vengeance yesterday and took the record back.

They used 3,416 boxes to set the new record, which they filmed and are just waiting for Guinness approval for it to be made official. They also had to hire two independent counters to count every single box for Guinness to recognize the feat.

To quote physics teacher Alan Odynocki who was one of the teachers who helped with the effort to break the record, "When you first succeed and The Rock beats you in 24 hours -- try, try again."

Unlike The Rock's beefing with Tyrese, this back and forth rivalry with Carey High School is all in good fun and The Rock even sent out a tweet encouraging them and rooting them on to break the record again.

The Rock hasn't said whether he will try to up the record one more time, but regardless the good news out of all of this fun is that all of the cereal boxes were donated by a supermarket and are being sent to hurricane victims in Puerto Rico and Florida.


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The Rock Sets A Strange Guinness World Record