John Cena Teases Rock V Hogan III After Legendary Twitter Exchange

One of the most iconic matches in wrestling history took place at WrestleMania X8 between The Rock and Hulk Hogan— and a rematch isn't out of the question according to John Cena. The match featured two legends—The Hulkster from the '80s and Rock, the man who helped WWF transition towards the Attitude Era.

The match is best remembered for the epic crowd reaction, with the Toronto crowd cheering on the heel Hogan over The Rock who was probably the biggest babyface in the company at the time. Ultimately, it was the people's champion who won the match over Hogan, with the two shaking hands and expressing gratitude toward one another.

Now, the idea of these two having a rematch seems ludicrous. Hogan is 64 years of old, hasn't wrestled for WWE since 2006, and was fired from the company two years ago. Despite making sporadic appearances, The Rock is more focused on his Hollywood career than a return to the ring. Fans can only dream, right?

Well, not exactly. After The Rock shared a touching story about first meeting Hogan as a child, The Hulkster replied with these tweets.


Then, Kevin McCarthy of Fox 5 DC ran into John Cena and asked his thoughts on a possible rematch between Rock and Hogan.

"My thoughts are the age-old adage that is WWE: Never say never," Cena said.

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Unfortunately for WWE fans, Cena is probably being a little too optimistic here. If Hogan were to return to WWE, it would likely be under a legends contract or as an ambassador. Hogan has made it clear many times that he would like to wrestle again, but it probably won't happen under Vince McMahon's watch.

Many may not remember this, but there was a rematch between Hogan and The Rock at No Way Out 2003, with the former winning the match. That was 14 years ago, and more than likely the final match that took place between these two wrestling legends.


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