Rumor: WrestleMania Build For The Rock vs Roman Reigns Will Start On SmackDown

The Rock might have quietly retired from wrestling earlier this year, but everyone has that one more match left in them, right?

The biggest week in wrestling is well and truly underway. Raw's season premiere is in the rearview mirror, and by the time you read this, Dynamite and NXT may well have already gone head-to-head for the first time. If that's the case, the next thing fans have to look forward to is SmackDown's debut on FOX this Friday night.

In its current state, the card is looking about as stacked as it possibly could be. Brock Lesnar will be getting a WWE Title shot, Kevin Owens versus Shane McMahon in a ladder match, not to mention the long list of legends returning for the night. Stone Cold, Hulk Hogan, Sting, and the biggest surprise of all, The Rock.

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Due to how busy Rock is with his Hollywood career, it has become increasingly difficult for WWE to pin him down. In fact, this will be the first time he has shown up in person since his impromptu match with Erick Rowan at WrestleMania 32. Chances are Rock will only stick around for the evening. However, The Exposed Turnbuckle is of the belief that seeds will be planted for a WrestleMania 36 match between Rock and Roman Reigns.

It's being reported that the seeds for Roman Reigns vs The Rock may be planted on SmackDown this week, which may lead to a WrestleMania 36 program between the two. #Anarky

Posted by The Exposed Turnbuckle on Wednesday, October 2, 2019

As with most wrestlers of Samoan descent, Rock and Reigns are actually related. That means there is a link there for WWE to play off of. The Big Dog even admitted to GQ Sports he would be open to a match with his cousin should The People's Champ be able to find some free time in his schedule. "If he can get a week off we might be able to make it happen," Reigns said during the interview.

What we're yet to mention is the fact Rock retired from wrestling earlier this year. However, we all know how little that word means in the wrestling business. If Rock is going to return for one more match, it makes sense that it would be against Reigns. We have seen Rock plant seeds for a WrestleMania match in the past but it never come to fruition, so even if he and Reigns cross paths on Friday, don't get your hopes up.

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