Rockstar Hints At WWE Invasion With EC3

It looks like there universe is Rockstar Spud and Ethan Carter III's oyster, and now the former may be teasing a WWE invasion with his old Impact pal.

Rockstar Spud drops yet another hint via social media that he and Ethan Carter III will be joining WWE sooner rather than later.

There was a time in WWE where being a former TNA wrestler meant in the eyes of people like Vince McMahon you had a certain stink on you. Making the move over to the big time was hard enough in itself, let along making a name for yourself once you arrived. Now, previously deeply rooted TNA guys such as AJ Styles and Samoa Joe are among the top attractions in WWE.

WWE scout all and any promotions nowadays and TNA, now Impact Wrestling, of course, are very much included in that definition. For a number of weeks now, there have been rumors surrounding even more of the promotion's recently departed top talents. Those talents are Ethan Carter III, Rockstar Spud, and Bobby Lashley.


Spud is the one of those three who has been rumored to be joining WWE for the longest time and recently tweeted a photo suggesting that he and EC3's arrival in the big time is imminent. The photo features both him and Carter together at Impact Wrestling along with the caption "there is an entire universe to conquer." We don't think we're going out on much of a limb by assuming he is referring to the WWE Universe.

Spud has left one very big name out of his tweet of course, and that man is Bobby Lashley. There is every possibility that the reason for that is because Lashley's introduction to the WWE Universe will be very different to Rockstar Spud's and EC3's. Lashley is an established name in the eyes of McMahon due to the fact he has been at WWE before. Spud and Carter, on the other hand, will likely have to go through NXT first.


The prospect of these three men being on the verge of signing for WWE is an exciting one. As touched upon above, former Impact stars are no longer looked down upon by WWE. All three of these potential WWE Superstars have a lot of promise and could all respectively bring a lot to the table no matter how they are introduced to the WWE Universe.

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Rockstar Hints At WWE Invasion With EC3