WWE To Sign Rockstar Spud When Travel Visa Paperwork Is Complete

WWE is trying to revive the cruiserweight division, and now they're just waiting for some visa paperwork to be sorted out to add an Impact star.

Rockstar Spud appears to be WWE bound. Impact Wrestling recently parted ways with one of its top talents in Rockstar Spud, though it was reportedly an honest mistake that led to his departure.

Shortly after his release,  reports surfaced that WWE was interested in signing Rockstar Spud, with the intention of him joining the 205 Live roster. Now, it appears as though the 5-foot-4 British star is on his way to the WWE.

Today, PWInsider reported that Rockstar Spud is set to join WWE, once his paperwork is formally filled out. And yes, Rockstar Spud will head over to 205 Live rather than make the immediate jump to the main roster.

Rockstar Spud now joins a very long list of former Impact stars who came over to WWE. This obviously includes Matt and Jeff Hardy, AJ Styles, Maria Kanellis, Mike Bennett, and Bobby Roode.



Spud won the 2013 TNA British Boot Camp and made his debut on their programming shortly thereafter. One of Rockstar Spud's first gigs was as the "Chief of Staff" for Dixie Carter, whom he worked close too on screen. He then began to team up and feud with Ethan Carter, one of Impact's elite talents.

During his time at Impact Wrestling, Rockstar Spud won two TNA X Division Championships and was part of the winning team at the 2015 TNA World Cup, along with Jeff Hardy, Gunner, Gail Kim, Crazzy Steve, and Davey Richards.

Before he left Impact, Rockstar Spud was feuding with Swoggle, his old tag team partner. Spud also teamed up with Aron Rex for a brief amount of time, until the latter left the company.

Now, Rockstar Spud gets the chance to perform for the top wrestling company in the world. We'll see how long until he makes the main roster, and if it'll be a success.


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WWE To Sign Rockstar Spud When Travel Visa Paperwork Is Complete