ROH Releases Owens Vs Zayn Video Day After Duo Sent Home From WWE Tour

The duo were formerly in ROH and the promotion hinted that they would be welcomed back if they are unhappy in WWE.

It's a different time and it's two different companies but there's something about the mini-war being waged between Ring of Honor and WWE that makes wrestling so much more fun to watch. Every time one of the companies makes a mistake or sees a misfortune, the other pounces and rubs it in their face. Such is the case with the recent developments regarding Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn.

Two former ROH alumni, Owens and Zayn were reprimanded by the WWE this week and sent home early from the UK tour after "going into business for themselves." Instead of following directions from the writing staff, they purposely walked to the backstage area instead of "feeding" New Day as written in the script. There is speculation that Owens and Zayn aren't the happiest of WWE talents, especially when you consider that two of their close friends — writer Jimmy Jacobs and absent WWE Superstar Neville — are gone from the WWE.


Seeing an opportunity to add fuel to the fire, ROH posted a video featuring Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn (as El Generico and Kevin Steen) from their days in ROH, perhaps hinting that if either superstar were unhappy, there's always a place for them in ROH.

There's been no indication if the issues between the WWE and Owens and Zayn are that serious. It could just be the company trying to cool the jets of people who are getting frustrated between the amount of travel and some questionable writing. Neither side has hinted in any way that they want out of their respective agreements with the other.

The WWE has been in the news due to rumored talents wanting to consider other options. Are Owens and Zayn two of those talents? At this moment no. But, that doesn't mean that ROH can't hint at the idea and they can claim innocence if WWE takes offense.

It's sneaky, cheeky and very entertaining. The video is bound to make fans go a little crazy thinking something big is coming. So far, there's nothing to those rumors.


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ROH Releases Owens Vs Zayn Video Day After Duo Sent Home From WWE Tour