Roman Reigns And Bray Wyatt Health Update Post TLC

As noted last week, WWE superstars Roman Reigns and Bray Wyatt were taken off the TLC: Tables, Ladders & Chairs pay-per-view event due to illness. WWE.com reported that it was a "viral infection," and took off Reigns and Wyatt for "precautionary measures".

Reigns was replaced by Kurt Angle in The Shield's five on three TLC match, while AJ Styles filled in for Wyatt against Finn Balor. The GM of Raw helped The Shield defeat Team Miz, while Balor defeated Styles in a highly-entertaining bout. The focus now shifts towards the returns of Wyatt and Reigns.

But according to Dave Meltzer from Wrestling Observer Radio, (via eWrestlingNews.com) Wyatt and Reigns have been diagnosed with the mumps and will be missing tonight's episode of Monday Night Raw. Meltzer also noted the two superstars would be looked at again next week, and that other stars received shots to hopefully avoid catching the virus.

WWE has been hit unexpectedly with a number of absences from many of their top performers. Reigns and Wyatt are both ill, but Kevin Owens also had to miss weekends shows in South America for "personal reasons", with no timetable on his return.

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Without Reigns and Wyatt, it'll be interesting to see how the WWE goes about their respective storylines. Wyatt was to reveal the "Sister Abigail" alter-ego against Balor, The Demon King. Reigns and The Shield finally reunited over three years after their break-up, only for him to fall ill days before the match.

Of course, Reigns and Wyatt shouldn't be out long-term with the mumps. They may miss a couple of more shows, but the WWE still has to find a way to fill both superstars' shoes until they're able to return.

How that's done is unknown, but tonight's episode of Raw should give an indicator of where the creative team is going while they brace the return of Wyatt and Reigns.


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