Roman Reigns Blasts Bullet Club Members In WWE

Roman Reigns believes that indy wrestlers mimicking acts from the industry's past is exactly what's not needed in the business right now.

In today's world, it is extremely difficult to be original. That doesn't just relate to pro wrestling either. In a multitude of industries, it must feel like everything that can be done, has been done. You only have to look at a number of sequels and remakes coming out of Hollywood right now to realize that original ideas are becoming rarer each passing year.

As mentioned above, pro wrestling is not exempt from this phenomenon. Moves and gimmicks are often recycled, and many Superstars would likely admit that their in-ring personas are a blend of different aspects they've taken from past performers. Some wrestlers down right copy ideas from the past as opposed to paying homage to them, and Roman Reigns is of the belief that independent wrestlers are the ones to blame.


The Big Dog took part in an interview with Inside The Ropes recently and discussed the lack of originality of some wrestlers outside of WWE. Reigns discussed how impressed he is with Braun Strowman and that it's people like him the business needs more of.

"We don't need guys running around doing Too Sweets and we don't need guys acting like they are DX," Roman explained. He said that WWE is very big on originality and that's why he felt the need to tell John Cena that he didn't simply want to be the next version of him.

Reigns is not exactly the most popular Superstar when it comes to the more hardcore wrestling fans. With that in mind, this roundabout shot at the Bullet Club and their gimmick effectively being a modern day nWo will likely not go down too well with a certain section of the pro wrestling community. Reigns did become a fully fledged member of The Shield once again this past week on Raw, however, so maybe that'll soften the blow when fans hear this interview.



Reigns definitely has a point. There are a lot of wrestlers on the independent circuit that directly copy elements of wrestling's past in order to make a name for themselves. WWE isn't completely innocent though. There are certain Superstars on the books there that have made pretty nice careers for themselves out of having not much originality at all.

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