Roman Reigns Completes Grand Slam With IC Championship

The Miz' five-month reign comes to an end as the WWE gets its ninth Grand Slam Champion of the modern era.

Roman Reigns closed out Raw by winning the Intercontinental Championship and becoming a Grand Slam Champion in the process.

With Survivor Series now in the rear view mirror normal service could resume on Monday Night Raw. No longer do Superstars have to get along and fight shoulder to shoulder in the battle for brand supremacy, and instead the in house rivalries could return to the spotlight. That also meant reigniting some old ones as The Shield renewed hostilities with The Miz during the The A-Lister's very own segment, Miz TV.

Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose laid out their plans to go after The Bar and reclaim the Raw Tag Team Championships, fair considering the circumstances, but Reigns had other plans. Not wanting to be the only Hound of Justice without a championship if his Shield brothers are successful in their quest some time soon, he turned his attention to The Miz. The Intercontinental Title is one that Reigns hadn't held yet, and clearly one he liked the look of.


Bo Dallas declared that if Reigns wanted a shot at The Miz, he would have to go through him and Curtis Axel first. Naturally that didn't take too long and although Miz scampered up the entrance way, it was announced shortly after that Reigns would get his title shot in the night's main event. The Awesome One tried to plead with Kurt Angle to call off the match, but as you can imagine he didn't have much luck.

That left Miz with the unenviable task of having to defend his title against The Big Dog. To be fair he gave a good account of himself, but that didn't stop Sheamus and Cesaro from thinking he needed their help. Thankfully though Rollins and Ambrose were on hand to level the odds, and amidst all the chaos Reigns managed to land a spear, one that won him the Intercontinental Championship.

The IC Title was the one active championship in WWE that Roman Reigns was yet to win. He has been a World Champion, a United States Champion, and a Tag Team Champion and with his win on Monday night by definition he is now a Grand Slam Champion. It's a pretty great club to be a part of and one that his fellow Shield member Dean Ambrose has been a member of for quite a while.


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Roman Reigns Completes Grand Slam With IC Championship