Roman Reigns Thinks He's The First Ever "Tweener"

Roman Reigns has recently claimed that he is the first ever "true grey area guy" to ever grace WWE since he is neither a true face nor a heel.

Since the latest edition of Raw this week, there has really only been one topic that everyone has been talking about, that promo segment between Roman Reigns and John Cena. It seemed an odd decision for WWE to have their golden boy go up against Big Match John in a promo battle considering The Big Dog's less than stellar mic skills, and that certainly showed on Monday as Cena pointed out all of Roman's flaws.

Now as Reigns heads towards a showdown with Cena, it's clear to see that Reigns is neither a face or a heel. He may enter every arena to resounding boos but he does not act like a bad guy, nor does he act like a good guy, because like he says he is just The Guy. Before the current Cena program began, however, Roman declared that he was WWE's first ever tweener, and comments like that are only going to add to the former WWE Champion's heat.


The day after SummerSlam, so hours before he stepped into the ring with John Cena last week, Roman was interviewed by ESPN. During the interview, he made a bold claim that he is the first ever WWE Superstar to fall firmly into that grey area. Reigns said that he doesn't act crazy like a heel, nor does he go out there and smile and kiss babies. Simply put he claimed that he wants his character to be "as human as possible, but not just a regular human that you see every day."

To claim that you are the first ever grey area Superstar of your kind is a pretty bold statement. For starter, there's an argument to be made that Reigns is currently embroiled in a feud with a pro wrestler who has been a tweener in WWE for the past decade or more. Superstars like Stone Cold and even Reigns' own cousin, The Rock may take issue with these latest comments from The Big Dog.



On the contrary, though, Reigns may have a point. While all of the above were in that grey area in some form or fashion, none of them were as deep into it as Reigns. Fans may hate Cena, but he still puts on a smile every night and loves them no matter what. Austin would celebrate every single win with a cold beer or two. Reigns doesn't react to fans whether they like him or not, neither does he exuberantly celebrate his victories. Maybe Roman has a point, maybe he doesn't, either way these latest comments will undoubtedly become a topic of conversation among fans.

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