The Highest Rated Wrestler On WWE 2K18 Revealed

The ratings of the top Superstars featured on WWE 2K18 have been released, and the man ranked highest will likely not come as a surprise.

The release of WWE 2K18 is growing ever closer and those of you buying the deluxe edition of the video game will be able to play it in just a week and a half's time. What that means is almost every day now 2K is releasing more and more details about the game to the point where we now know pretty much everything there is to know about it.


We're aware that this latest edition of the WWE video game has been completely overhauled in terms of graphics and gameplay, and also that it boasts the biggest roster of any other pro wrestling game that has come before it. One detail that hasn't been revealed to us was the ratings of the wrestlers featured in this year's edition of the game, until now.

For those not familiar with the ratings on WWE games, or most sports games for that matter, they're out of 100. When they're released the first question on everyone's lips is "who has the best rating?" and this year is no different. So, with that in mind, WWE and 2K have revealed who the highest rated wrestler is.

Drum roll please! It's Roman Reigns. The Big Dog comes in at an impressive 95 rating, beating out the likes of cover star Seth Rollins (92), Brock Lesnar (93), Braun Strowman (88), and even his movie star cousin The Rock (93). Reigns has also outranked John Cena (93) giving him more ammo against the man he defeated at No Mercy. For more information on the top-rated Superstars head to Trusted Reviews.

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Clearly, these ratings don't reflect who are currently the best wrestlers in WWE. In all fairness to 2K, that's almost an impossibility. There are Superstars on the game from the past and the present so some are having to be ranked according to when they were at their prime versus Superstars who are still wrestling today. This news will not help Reigns though. 95 is an awfully high rating and effectively means that Reigns is better right now than the likes of Stone Cold at his prime and that he is also better than AJ Styles who scored a 90 rating.

Like any other sports game, these ratings don't really mean anything when it comes to real life. Much like the PWI 500, they are constructed via the opinions of just a handful of people. That won't stop fans complaining though and certainly won't help Roman Reigns' quest to win over the rest of the fanbase.

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