John Cena Gets The Better Of Roman Reigns On Twitter Too

John Cena and Roman Reigns have been the talk of the WWE over the past couple of weeks. Thanks to two successive in-ring promos—both of which felt like worked shoots on each other—the WWE Universe has been buzzing about whether or not these two WWE Superstars actually hate each other or if the words being said back and forth are a bit too real and signify a veteran unwilling to pass the torch to a up-and-coming star the WWE deemed as the next big thing.

Developments suggested that this was all a plan by the WWE to be edgier and bring a little personal touch to the storyline. Their feeling was that because two big stars, both of whom are polarizing with the WWE audience, would face each other, it was hard to know which way fans might go. Would they side with Reigns, even though they hate that the WWE is pushing him perhaps sooner than they should? Or, would they side with Cena, the WWE's biggest star over the last decade and someone many fans has grown tired of seeing win over new talent? If the plan was to get people interested in the match, it seems to have worked.

But, no one seems to know if the heat between these two is legitimate, and a recent Twitter exchange has not made that any clearer. Cena and Reigns were at each other again and below is the exchange.

Using the NFL as a metaphor for their upcoming bout at No Mercy, Cena made the mistake of misspelling "US" or "U" or whatever it was he was trying to suggest. Before Reigns could jump all over it (and likely after a few fans already had noticed the mistake), Cena corrected himself.


While Cena noticed his own mistake, it didn't stop Reigns from having a little fun with the multi-time champion. Using a line Cena spewed at him during their first in-ring verbal confrontation, Reigns told Cena not to think too much because bad things happen. He then poked fun and Cena's habit to post videos of himself lifting incredibly heavy weights on his social media accounts.

Cena didn't mind admitting he showed videos of his workouts and that he made a mistake on his Tweet, but suggested next time, he'll make sure to protect it with a padded vest (something Reigns wears to the ring as part of his attire).

That one must have stung Reigns a bit because he came back with an insult quickly aimed at Cena's age and lack of creativity (usually a sign that Cena hit a home run with his trashing talking). Both ended the conversation suggesting they could settle this at Raw next Monday.


WWE is going all the way with this angle that the two have real life heat. If they don't, both are playing their parts extremely well and getting the WWE Universe to fall, hook, line and sinker for every word. It's a rare strategy not often used by the WWE, but when it is, it can be highly effective.

How much the WWE is controlling these tweets between the two superstars is completely unknown.

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