WWE Reports Roman Reigns Received MASSIE Fine For Actions On Raw

Roman Reigns has been fined $5000 by WWE for shoving a referee during his match with Samoa Joe on Raw this past Monday night.

Samoa Joe seems intent on taking out every member of The Shield one by one, both in storyline and in real life. On his first night on the main roster The Destroyer re-injured Seth Rollins knee and last week on Raw he aided in damaging Dean Ambrose's tricep. The Lunatic Fringe may be out of action for up to nine months according to WWE.


Judging by how Joe's match with Roman Reigns went on Raw this past Monday, The Big Dog doesn't want to become the third and final Shield member to be taken out by the former TNA Champion. The Intercontinental Champion went to town on Samoa Joe to the point that the referee had no choice but to disqualify him.

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It was actually quite a bit worse than Reigns merely beating down Joe to the point that the official called for a DQ. One of the other reasons the match ended that way was because the champ shoved the referee out of the way as he was going to town on Joe. As reported by WWE.com the next day Reigns has actually received a $5000 fine for doing that.

Whether the fine is real or all within the realms of a storyline remains unclear, however, it would be very odd if this was all an angle. If Reigns were a bonafide heel, then maybe it would make sense, but to have who is essentially supposed to be one of Raw's top babyfaces push down a referee and then be publicly fined for it seems a little odd. This may very well be a case of 5000 real-life dollars coming right out of Reigns' pocket.


If all of this is real, it may seem a little hypocritical to some. WWE Superstars striking and shoving referees is all part and parcel of the show. That's exactly it though. When it's a part of the show then (hopefully) nobody is getting hurt. When a 280-pound man shoves a normal sized guy to the floor when he's not expecting it, then that is a different matter entirely. Again that is assuming that this whole fine issue is not simply a part of a much larger angle.

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