Roman Reigns' Touching Moment With A Fan Will Make It Hard To Boo Him

Listening to the loud chorus of boos that emanate from a crowd every time Roman Reigns’ music hits and he emerges from backstage you would think that every single WWE fan hated the guy. And while it is definitely true that he has a lot of detractors, the man also has a whole lot of fans.

One of his fans is Ryan Kelepi who was at the Raw taping last Monday night in San Jose, California. Prior to the show, Kelepi had got to spend the day with The Big Dog as Reigns granted Kelepi’s Make-a-Wish wish. And then Kelepi had a ringside seat for the live show.

After the taping, Roman Reigns participated in the post-Raw dark match versus Braun Strowman. The match ended when Reigns speared Strowman through a table that was leaning up against the ropes and covered him for the 1-2-3. Then, after making his way slowly around the ring and taking the boos and cheers from the crowd Reigns left the ring and headed right over to Kelepi.


As you can see in the video, Reigns handed his remaining glove to Ryan and then leaned in and spoke to him. You can see Kelepi crying and while we do not know everything Reigns said to him, it is noted that one thing he did say was he told Kelepi that “We are brothers now!”

While many people questioned the huge push Reigns has been getting over the last few years, there is no doubting he has lots of fans. In fact, it was pointed out back in March by the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, that Roman Reigns was the top merchandise seller of all the full-time talent on the roster.


Also, in a Sports Illustrated interview with Triple H back around the same time, The Game noted that huge reaction that Reigns gets (albeit mostly mixed or negative) and said that “Roman Reigns sells tickets.”

So, go ahead and boo and hate the character. But despite what he told us in those terrible promos last year, looking at what he did for Ryan Kelepi, Roman Reigns, the man, looks like a "good guy."

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