Roman Reigns' New WWE Record Proves Fans Actually Like Him

Roman Reigns first photo with the Intercontinental Championship following Raw last week has become WWE's most liked photo ever on Instagram.

Many fans would claim that WWE and Vince McMahon don't have their finger on the button when it comes to maintaining relevance in the present day. In reality, those fans couldn't be more wrong. There is a reason that WWE remained not only the top of the pile in pro wrestling, but the company continues to grow and become more globally recognized every single day.

The latest thing the WWE have become more and more involved in is their presence on social media. Yes, there were a few hiccups with the likes of their obsession with failed social media ventures such as Tout, but now they very much have the whole thing down. Their presence on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram is unmatched and it really is one of the driving forces behind their current success.


That success only continues to grow. In fact, last week one Instagram photo in particular posted to WWE's account following Raw has garnered an awful lot of attention. The black and white photo shows Roman Reigns with his newly won Intercontinental Championship draped over his shoulder. At the time of typing this, the post is closing in on 600,000 likes making it the most liked photo in WWE Instagram history.

#RomanReigns is your #NEW #ICTitle Champion! #Raw

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One photo getting that many likes on Instagram is pretty amazing by anyone's standards. It'll also have Vince McMahon rubbing his hands together. That, coupled with fans chanting "we want Roman" on Raw this week, will have the boss convinced that a very large part of the WWE Universe is starting to warm to The Big Dog. In all fairness, the in-house crowd in Knoxville combined with the recent Instagram numbers are hard to argue with.


People are very quick to point out WWE's shortcomings in the present day like house shows with poor attendance, the booking not going the way that people may think it should, but fans aren't quick enough to praise WWE for where they're thriving. The company's last quarter was their best ever and clearly, their social media savvy played a key part in that. Here's hoping that the Roman Reigns photo continues to garner attention and posts getting those kinds of numbers for WWE become a regular occurrence.


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