Roman Reigns Offers Open Challenges For Intercontinental Title

One of the concerns the WWE Universe might have with newly crowned Intercontinental Champion Roman Reigns is that in the past, his holding titles that were not the biggest belts in the company weren't good for the actual title. John Cena once pointed out during a promo that Reigns took winning the U.S. Title as a demotion and many fans agreed as that belt didn't get a lot of recognition once Reigns became the champion.

Perhaps in an effort to change people's opinion, Reigns is going to take a page out of Cena's book and has publicly declared that he'll be accepting open challenges for the Intercontinental Title starting almost immediately.

During a backstage interview with WWE.com, Reigns explained that he felt good about holding the IC title and being a Grand Slam winner. He sees holding the title as a responsibility and that he has a desire to make the title important.

The WWE must feel that by allowing Reigns to compete in open challenges, it will bring recognition to Reigns as the IC Champion. It will also bring a focus to other competitors wanting to compete for the title and a willingness to take on one of the toughest talents WWE has to offer in order to get it.



Speculation is that Reigns winning the belt was more about giving him the honor of being a Grand Slam winner and removing the title from The Miz while he goes off to shoot the fourth installment of The Marine films. How long Reigns holds onto the title is anyone's guess but plans for him and WrestleMania did not include the Intercontinental Title prior to him winning it. That suggests this reign as IC Champ won't last terribly long.

Who will take it? In an open challenge, virtually anyone can show up but someone able to beat a WWE Superstar in Roman Reigns might be hard to find.

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