Roman Reigns: Royal Rumble Boos Helped Me

Roman Reigns claims the reaction to him winning the Royal Rumble earlier this year has helped him rather than deter him. Reigns won the Rumble much to the dismay of the WWE Universe who were all cheering for the earlier eliminated Daniel Bryan. The finish to the match culminated what had been a few months of the WWE "forcing Reigns down everyone's throats" and even a cameo from The Rock couldn't stop Reigns from getting booed. The reaction seemed to alter WWE's plans of Reigns beating Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania as Seth Rollins ultimately cashed in to win the title.

However, Reigns looks at the positives while admitting that coming back at the same time as Bryan "100% didn't help him." Reigns himself was rooting for Bryan and said the Philly crowd reaction was a kick in the ass that lit a fire under him.

"If you've seen what I've done in the past six-months, I think you can tell Royal Rumble definitely helped me."

To his credit, Reigns has improved the last few months and WWE's booking of the Big Dog has definitely helped. You can listen to the full interview here.



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