Roman Reigns Snaps At Atheist Fan On Twitter

Roman Reigns may have taken his fight with John Cena to Twitter, but  The Face That Runs The Place isn't the only one suffering his social media wrath.

One of the most entertaining feuds on WWE television right now is the one between John Cena and Roman Reigns. One of the best things about it is that we don't have to wait for Monday to roll around for the next installment. This past week, Cena and Reigns took their war of words to Twitter, and it's fair to say that Reigns fared a little more favorably than he does with a microphone.

One of the highlights of the pair's Twitter beef was The Big Dog telling Big Match John to "just have someone film you power cleaning for the 5000th time." To which Cena responded by saying next time he would put his tweet in a padded vest to protect it. All very amusing and entertaining. However at the weekend Reigns turned his Twitter focus to another victim.


The Big Dog tweeted out that everyone who may be affected by Hurricane Irma was in his prayers, and that God may protect those in its path. Two days later, a Twitter account dedicated to trying to convince people that there is no God replied to Reigns' tweet including the line "maybe don't make a hurricane next time you idiot." Reigns quoted the tweet with a stark message for the Atheist account, telling them "when your time on earth is done, enjoy nothing."

While Reigns is famously bad with a mic in his hand and a script to memorize, when left to his own devices, he is clearly a pretty smart and witty guy. He demonstrates it on social media on a regular basis, plus it really shows when he is allowed to take part in interviews without WWE breathing down his neck. It just makes it even more frustrating that they won't give the former WWE Champion free reign when on television.


To snap at a random Twitter account like that seems a little odd for Roman Reigns. In his defense, it is involving a subject that's pretty close to home. Reigns was merely offering what he perceives as support to those affected in Florida during Hurricane Irma, plus it's a part of the country where many of his friends and family reside.

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