Roman Reigns Implicated In Steroids Scandal

Richard Rodriguez is a former gym owner who is in prison for distributing steroids to his clients, who alleges that the illegal operation involved WWE superstar Roman Reigns.

During an interview with filmmaker Jon Bravo, Rodriguez listed a name of high profile clients who took part in it. (You can listen to the clip at the 4:30 mark here). Rodriguez alleges that he met Reigns through an informant, and referred to him as a very down-to-earth person." Rodriguez also mentioned Hollywood actors Josh Duhamel and Mark Wahlberg as other celebrities.

According to the Miami Herald, Rodriguez was arrested for selling $10 million worth of steroid products from China, as agents raided the gym and began their investigation.

So far, no hard evidence has been able to tie Reigns to the operation. It should be noted that he received a 30-day suspension in June of 2016 for violating the WWE's wellness policy. Reigns apologized and has stayed out of trouble since.

If there is more evidence that can prove Reigns was a client of Rodriguez, it could spell major trouble for his WWE career. Since WWE implemented their wellness policy, they've dropped the hammer on any superstar who violates rules. This includes doing so to top stars such as Randy Orton, Paige and Rey Mysterio, among others.

Reigns is currently being pushed as the main face of WWE, so it's hard to imagine him putting his neck out on the line by getting involved in an illegal steroid operation. The three-time WWE World Heavyweight Champion has headlined the last three WrestleMania shows, and is expected to face Brock Lesnar for the Universal tile at the Mercedes-Benz SuperDome.

Reigns and the WWE have yet to comment on the matter, and it remains to be seen if any formal investigation will be launched regarding his alleged involvement. We'll be sure to provide you with any further information.

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Roman Reigns Implicated In Steroids Scandal