Roman Reigns Temporarily Suspended From Monday Night Raw

Raw kicked off with a bang this week when the news that Brock Lesnar was absent once again prompted Roman Reigns to confront the boss.

Many fans will likely tell you that professional wrestling is at its very best when you can't quite differentiate between what is real and what is staged. To a certain extent that is what's going on right now with Brock Lesnar. Two weeks ago the WWE Universe was promised a face to face between The Beast and Roman Reigns. The trouble is the former didn't show.


That left The Big Dog with a microphone and a lot to get off his chest. It led to one of the best promos of Reigns' career as he described everything that is wrong with Lesnar and his WrestleMania opponent's lack of respect for the business. Big words from Reigns and ones that we thought Lesnar would respond to this week. Alas we did not as he declined to show up yet again.

Raw General Manager Kurt Angle attempted to brush over the news that Lesnar was absent once again but Reigns wouldn't let him. An irate Roman explained to the GM that he blames Vince McMahon for Lesnar's behavior and went looking for the chairman and an explanation. He found the boss in gorilla position backstage and McMahon forced the show into a commercial break as he ushered Reigns to his office.

What was said in Vince's office is anyone's guess although the boss did give us a little bit of insight when he emerged. He explained that Lesnar is his own man, that he has earned the privileges he gets, and gave his word that the Universal Champion will be on Raw next week. McMahon also explained that Reigns needs to know his role and shut his mouth, and because of his actions on Monday night The Big Dog has been temporarily suspended.


As is often the case with situations and angles like this in WWE, it is probably not completely real but is also not completely scripted. It feels as if the no-show from Lesnar two weeks ago was an unprompted one. However the promo from Reigns and the reaction to it gave WWE creative an idea and the perfect way to make fans turn on him and side with Reigns. It's intriguing and it might even be working a little bit.

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