Roman Reigns: Nothing Prepares You for Retiring the Undertaker

Roman Reigns was the first guest on Straight To The Source, and the Superstar spoke of the emotional toll of retiring the Undertaker.

Roman Reigns was Corey Graves' first guest on Straight To The Source and the topic of potentially being The Undertaker's last opponent arose.

Roman Reigns is one of the most polarizing WWE Superstars the business has ever seen. Despite Vince McMahon doing everything he possibly can to make every demographic of his audience fall in love with The Big Dog. Ironically it's exactly that which has led to so many fans opposing him. They don't like being told who to like in some cases and for many it feels like Roman is being force fed to them.

One thing in particular that bothers fans about Reigns is his ability, or lack thereof, on the microphone. It feels as if he's simply reciting lines when he has a mic in his hand, and that's because he probably is. What makes that even more frustrating is when you hear how good a talker he is away from the ring. Reigns was the first guest on Corey Graves' new WWE Network show Straight To The Source and discussed some of the hot topics surrounding him right now.

Unsurprisingly, one of the main things discussed on the show was Reigns' match with The Undertaker. Graves asked Reigns how potentially retiring The Deadman felt. "They don’t teach us that. They don’t teach you how to potentially retire The Undertaker," Roman told Graves, "how to take that emotionally how to accept that responsibility… It was emotional, man, it was way more than I thought it would be."



What was almost as memorable as the match itself was the night after when Reigns came to the ring to tell the WWE Universe that it was "his yard now." The Intercontinental Champion told Graves that he "never felt that level of respect from an audience" in referral to them chanting Undertaker for a solid ten minutes or so. It's a level of respect that Reigns aspires to attain one day as he told Graves "he just plugged in so much time and so much respect… I want to achieve that."

Being the man to retire The Undertaker is an incredible accolade to have. The Phenom has been competing in WWE for almost 30 years and has stood across the ring from almost everybody that has passed through the company in that time. Note that both Reigns and Graves made sure to put the word 'potentially' in front of retired every time they said it. Even though his departure appeared to be the perfect ending to The Undertaker's career, don't be surprised if he competes again at WrestleMania 34.


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Roman Reigns: Nothing Prepares You for Retiring the Undertaker