Ronda Rousey Looking At WWE As Post-UFC Option?

UFC star Ronda Rousey has left a significant impact on her company. She's revolutionized women's MMA and has brought popularity to new levels. That being said, she seems to be on her last legs in UFC, and it may open up a career in the WWE.

She appeared on The Ellen Show and said her match at UFC 207 is "definitely one of (her) last fights." Justin LaBar from WrestleZone believes this gives her the chance to shine in WWE:

"The interesting aspect of her in WWE is the credibility she would arrive with. It would be a similar situation Brock Lesnar is in now where he can beat anyone he steps into a WWE ring with, everyone knows that and few ever do.

Reality is, like Lesnar, Rousey should never lose. So it would seem wise for the novelty and protection of her that if she has more than one match in WWE, they be spaced out in the truest form of special attraction."

That would be a dream for WWE fans, as Rousey's promo with The Rock against The Authority at WrestleMania 31 was one of the most memorable moments in recent memory.

The Diva's Division needs a massive boost, and bringing Rousey on board would be awesome. But it depends how much Rousey and Vince McMahon want to work with one another.

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