Watch Ronda Rousey Reluctantly Sing Along To The Revival's Entrance Music

It might look like she doesn't necessarily want the world to know but clearly Ronda Rousey is a fan of The Revival judging by the video below.

At this year's Royal Rumble the lasting memory we were left with as it closed the show was Ronda Rousey arriving on the professional wrestling scene. Almost two months later we may not have yet seen The Rowdy One compete in a wrestling match but we do know when her in ring debut will be, at WrestleaMania 34 when she teams up with Kurt Angle to take on Triple H and Stephanie McMahon.

There is naturally a lot of buzz and excitement surrounding Rousey and her first match in WWE but to begin with some Superstars behind the scenes didn't take too kindly to her arrival. Both Nia Jax and Nikki Bella made their feelings about Rousey stealing the spotlight from the first ever women's Royal Rumble match known via social media.


Now that some stars backstage have had the chance to meet Rousey and get to know her it appears that those bad first impressions are beginning to fade away. They likely didn't have to spend very long with the UFC star before realizing that she is a huge pro wrestling fan and wants to give her all in this latest chapter of her career. Plus judging by the video below Rousey has been watching the product.

The clip is taken from Michael Mardones Instagram story, a photographer that works with Rousey. Clearly they train together too and Mardones attempted to get Raw's newest Superstar up and dancing to The Revival's entrance music. An embarrassed Rousey didn't particularly want to dance but she did throw in a few yeahs as she sang along to Dash and Dawson's theme. Wilder has since replied to the video with 'she knows what's true'.

Rousey being a fan of The Revival might actually do the former NXT Tag Team Champions a favor right now. Since announcing to the world live on Raw that they are pro wrestlers as opposed to sports entertainers they haven't fared so well. Perhaps after she's done with The Authority at WrestleMania Rousey could request to work with Dash and Dawson in some way which would raise their stock while in turn raising the pro wrestling stock of The Rowdy One.

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