Ronda Rousey Compares Her Relationship With Vince McMahon Vs. Dana White

Ronda Rousey was among the biggest stars in UFC, but she's made the change and is now ready to dominate the WWE women's division.

Leaving the octagon was no easy choice for Rousey, who developed a close friendship with president Dana White - the man who made her one of the most marketed and beloved athletes on the planet.

Rousey's crossover to the WWE only seemed like a matter of time, given her close relationship with both Triple H and Stephanie McMahon. We know how tight she was with Dana White, but how strong is her friendship with Vince McMahon?

In an interview with Metro, Rousey talked about the differences between her past boss and her current boss:

Dana is one of my best friends and is somebody who I can call up any time and say let’s go for dinner, or drinks or even something completely random like asking him to fly to India, and he’d consider it.

I don’t even have Vince’s number! It’s a very different relationship, I highly respect Vince and very much appreciate the opportunity he’s given me but it’s more like, if I can get a handshake from him and him telling me I’ve done a good job, that totally makes my day...

It’s very different, I have a much more personal relationship with Dana, and a very professional relationship with Vince."

Of course, Rousey hasn't even been with the WWE for two months, so her and Vince have spent limited time working together. Rousey debuted with the UFC in 2012 and had her last match there in 2016.

Also considering that Triple H and Stephanie run the show a lot more now, they're the bosses that work close with Rousey, and not so much Vince. And keep in mind, Stephanie and The Game have willingly taken bumps and hits from Rousey. Vince has not done that yet.

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And with Vince, he hasn't always been the boss who develops close working relationships with his fellow superstars. Hulk Hogan and Randy Savage were the two stars that helped him build up the WWF, but McMahon had major tension with the both of them.

Rousey will team up with Raw general manager Kurt Angle at WrestleMania 34, as they face Triple H and Stephanie in a mixed tag match. A strong performance will certainly grow her working relationship with the WWE chairman.


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