Ronda Rousey Reportedly Training For WWE Debut

Ronda Rousey has apparently begun training to become a professional wrestler, and Brian Kendrick is the one helping her out.

Ronda Rousey is one of the biggest UFC stars in the history of the company, every time she decides to show her face on WWE television should be considered a major coup for Vince McMahon. The former Bantamweight Champion hopped the barrier at WrestleMania 31 for a segment with The Rock and then recently Rousey returned for a front row seat to the Mae Young Classic. It prompted rumors that she may fancy her chances in a wrestling ring herself.

Well turns out that may be more than just a pipe dream for the life long pro wrestling fan. Following the Mae Young Classic appearance there were rumors that Ronda would be starting her pro wrestling training shortly after, and now information emerged that she has been training with a current WWE Superstar. The wrestler in question is former Cruiserweight Champion Brian Kendrick who also previously helped Eva Marie hone her skills.

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Fightful reported the story on Tuesday after they were told by a WWE employee that Rousey had indeed begun to learn how to take bumps along with some basic moves. Apparently, Rousey and her fellow Horsewomen got in touch with Triple H prior to their confrontation with WWE's own horsewomen. Fightful also suggested that the big announcement promised via Rousey's website may be pro wrestling related, but that's purely a hunch.

If the rumors are true, then Ronda would actually be the last of her horsewomen to tie herself to the professional wrestling business. One of the reasons the UFC star was at the Mae Young Classic was to watch her friend Shayna Baszler perform, Jessamyn Duke has already begun wrestling training, and last but not least Marina Shafir is engaged to NXT Superstar Roderick Strong.


Whenever UFC and WWE cross paths it's bound to draw a lot of attention. Brock Lesnar jumping between companies is always extremely news worthy, and even Conor McGregor mentioning wrestling in a tweet had fans from both worlds up in arms. Nailing down Ronda Rousey to compete in WWE, even if it's only once or twice, would be a huge deal. There are a number of matches the MMA star could have, but at the top of most fans' lists is likely a showdown with Charlotte Flair.

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