Ronda Rousey Coming To WWE Started With The Ice Bucket Challenge

Ronda Rousey has finally arrived in WWE. The former UFC Bantamweight Champion has made appearances here and there such as the one with The Rock at WrestleMania 31 and sat in the front row for the Mae Young Classic. Now The Rowdy One is here for good though and apparently  on a full time basis.

As mentioned above Rousey has had interactions with WWE in the past. In fact one of her first appearances for WWE came all the way back during the summer of 2014. After SummerSlam of that year, WWE posted a video of Stephanie McMahon performing her ice bucket challenge. It was actually Rousey and her fellow MMA horsewomen that emptied the bucket of ice water on to the Billion Dollar Princess.

Triple H recently sat down with USA Today to discuss the trials and tribulations behind bringing Rousey in to WWE and getting her into the building undetected on Sunday night, and apparently that journey began all the way back on the night of the ice bucket challenge. At the time Rousey told The Game 'when I get done, this is what I want to do'. At first he shrugged off the comments as he revealed that's what almost everybody says, but after she kept saying it every time they would meet he knew that she was being serious.


Triple H also went in to great detail about why they chose to debut Rousey at the Royal Rumble and how they got her into the arena undetected. Apparently they had been discussing her arrival for a while, and while the Rumble wasn't the specific plan, all the pieces fell into place and it just made sense. Getting her from Colombia to Philadelphia without attracting attention sounds like a real operation as well.


Considering Ronda Rousey in WWE is a journey that started almost three and a half years ago it must be pretty satisfying for all involved to see the plan come to fruition at the Royal Rumble. According to The Game Rousey has been training hard also so hopefully we will all be pleasantly surprised when she finally makes her in ring debut.

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