Everything You Need To Know About The Women Who Destroyed SmackDown

Three more women from NXT debuted on SmackDown Live this week, but who are they exactly and why have they been called up?

It has been a huge week for debuts, the women’s division, NXT, and the five women that are presumably now main roster Superstars. Across two nights no fewer than five women from NXT debuted on Raw and SmackDown Live and have wasted no time in making names for themselves on the respective shows.

First up it was the turn of Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville on Raw as they sided with Paige to run rough shot on Monday night. Then on Tuesday SmackDown Live got three new females of their own, Ruby Riot, Sarah Logan, and Liv Morgan. Not only did the three of them lay waste to Naomi and Becky Lynch backstage, but they also interrupted the Women’s Championship match and did the same thing to Charlotte Flair and Natalya.


Who exactly are the women that just debuted on SmackDown Live though? If you watch NXT on a regular basis then you will likely be well versed in the trio, but not everyone watches WWE’s third brand. First up the group’s apparent leader, Ruby Riot. Ruby actually only signed for NXT in January of this year but her pro wrestling pedigree is unquestionable. Prior to joining WWE, she wrestled on the independent circuit and accrued quite the following.

Liv Morgan, on the other hand, has been an NXT Superstar for a fair bit longer than Riot. The New Jersey native has been in developmental since 2014, but has never really been given anything of a push. That is about to change of course. Last but not least, we have Sarah Logan. Although Logan has been making appearances for WWE since 2014, she only signed with the brand last year. Some of you may recognize her from her appearance in the Mae Young Classic this past summer, losing in the first round to Mia Yim.

There you have it, a brief rundown of the three women that have joined the ranks on SmackDown Live. The debuts and shocks put in place in WWE’s women’s division this week are nothing short of fascinating. If fans had been told that there would be five female NXT call-ups this week, those who have been promoted probably wouldn’t have been the names that sprung to mind. They’re here though and who knows what their next actions in WWE will be?


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